Our Daily Manna 3 July 2019 – DADDY IS STILL DRIVING! HOLD ON!

Our Daily Manna 3 July 2019


Basic Scripture: Isaiah 9: 1-8

Years ago, a pastor, Dr. Wan was on vacation in Europe and needed to drive continuously for 3 days and nights in order to get to Germany. His little daughter, who had never travelled at night before, was scared the first night in the car because of the thick darkness outside.

our daily manna July
Our Daily Manna 3 July 2019

Our Daily Manna 3 July 2019

“Where are we going, Daddy?” “To your uncle’s house, in Germany.” “Have you been there before?” “No!” Then do you know the way?” “Maybe we can read the map.” There was a short pause! She broke the silence again: “Do you know how to read the road map?” “Yes, we will get there safety:” “Where are we going to eat?” “We can stop by restaurants on the way if we are hungry.”

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“Do you know if there are restaurants on the way?” “NO, but we will be able to find some.” The dialogue was repeated a few times and she stopped talking till the 3rd night wheen the father suddenly realized that the girl was no longer asking questions. He said to her my dear do you know where we are going ? “Germany, uncles’s house.” The dad jokingly asked again: “Do you know how we are getting there?” “No!” Then why aren’t you asking anymore?” Then she answered: “BECAUSE DADDY IS DRIVING.

That answer shook the daddy and that answer is God ‘s gem for you in today’s devotional concerning the remaining days of 2019/beyond. As you journey through life, never forget that your Daddy God (Your Creator) is still driving the wheels of our destiny!’ You do not need to understand the map or the process /routes of HOW you will get to your expected end. Your job is to hook your faith to HIM the Great Shepherd, because He STARTED the journey and HE is still on the driving seat of your fire, family and ministry.

Our Daily Manna 3 July 2019

Resist anxiety over your future and refuse to fear the outcome of any setback trial. All things will work out for your good at last because your DADDY is still driving and the government (control) of your life ministry is Upon His shoulders (today’s scripture Vs.6)! Ah! God Doesn’t Need Towing Vans Because His ‘Vehicles’  DO Not Break Down! Through The Many Potholes Of Life, He Will Take You To Your Promised Land! Hold on’.

Hold out; Trust Him. ‘Prepare for the worldwide, 14-day fast starting from Sunday July 7th – Saturday Jury 20th, 2019.’ Get your -war Against Haman – 14″ booklet now! (SOW YOUR “THIS NONSENSE-MUST-STOP SEED. NUMBERS ON PAGE 29 OF ODM AND PAGE 44 OF “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-14″BOOKLET AND GET YOUR “NO NONSENSE-PROPHETIC PSALM WHICH YOU WILL PRAY FOR TWO WEEKS).

PRAYER POINT: Take Song 1 : What a friend…
1. In your own words, pray on the Word as led now.

  1. Lord, Your Word says the government (authority and control) of my life shall be upon Your shoulders. Father, let that Word come to pass in my life in this 2nd half of the year 2O19’SHAPB! Rule and reign over (drive) my life, family and ministry in Jesus name!

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  1. Emmanuel Avorkpo

    Who is like onto my Jesus?

  2. Wow..thank you for speaking to my soul..i was almost giving up but my faith has been strengthened…i will resist anxiety over my future and i refuse to fear the outcome of any setback trial. All things will work out for my good at last because my DADDY (JEHOVAH) is still driving and the government (control) of my life is Upon His shoulders…may Jehovah richly bless you ODM

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