Our Daily Manna ODM July 2 2019 Topic: A SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR PRAYER!

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Topic: A SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR PRAYER!  By Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe

BASIC SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:3-12

The custom of making second half of the year resolutions dates back to the ancient Babylonian times when most of the resolutions recorded were based on the return of borrowed gardening tools. This was because it was a major agricultural society. But the idea was great – RETURNING THINGS WE’VE BORROWED. You may not be talking of returning things borrowed, but let your resolutions be things that concern righteousness, mercy for others, purity and peace (Today’s Basic Scripture)! Consider the following resolution which is in form of a prayer: ‘Dear Lord, in this second half of 2019, please give me a few friends who know me and love me just as I am; A Thankful heart to give praise always and in everything; A trusting mind to keep on believing in You no matter what the future holds;  A humble, pleasing personality; A teachable disposition;  A thoughtful, kind and caring touch; A forgiving and understanding spirit; A loving and acceptable attitude  to communicate  with You for every step I take; A worthwhile work into which I can put my best efforts and thereby make my world a better place and a life that will make a difference not only in my world but in my street and most of all, in my home.” Amen!

ODM For April 2019
odm 2019 devotional

Truly, most resolutions do not last longer than a day’s journey to the next temptation, but when it becomes a prayer, then grace overshadows them. Never forget that if life gives us rocks, it’s our choice whether to build a bridge or a wall. Methuselah lived 986 years and all they said about him was that he died. Wow! No wonder Shannon L. Alder wrote: “The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” Then Benjamin Franklin noted; “If you would not forgotten as soon as you died, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

In this second half of 2019 and no matter how the first half was, determine that you will take new steps that will affect your life/generation for good! Reject DEPRESSION and SORROW! Your STORY to GLORY dance is still possible! BELIEVE! Refuse to give up now! You can start again to carve your name on hearts and not on tombstones! Get your ‘War Against Haman- 14’ booklet and get ready to do a 14-day worldwide fasting programme from July 7th – July 20th (Still give out ODM as a GIFT)! Our Daily Manna ODM July 2 2019

ODM WORLDWIDE 14-DAY FAST (July 7th-20th, 2019) again! Emphasis will be on “This Nonsense Must Stop”. Give out extra copies of this Our Daily Manna and “War Against Haman-14” edition to help a soul join the up-coming fasting program!

July 2, 2019 Prayer Points for ODM Manna

Take any song of worship as led.

  1. Pray the above “prayer resolutions” again as led.
  2. Pray generally about the second half of this year as led. Draw up new goals again! (Our Daily Manna ODM July 2, 2019)

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  1. Emmanuel Avorkpo

    Jesus is my life because yesterday is a history, today is an opportunity and tomorrow is a mystery He Jesus is my all in all and without Him l fall
    If l do not read the daily devotional before going l feel l am exposed and without cover, so my Bishop God continue to bless you and my testimony will follow soon Amen

  2. I’m so blessed,This is all we need in this unsteady world! I’m humbled to have this kind of motivation words, stay blessed man of God

  3. How the we get the copy of the War against Haman for those of us not on ground in Nigeria?

  4. Thank you for always leaving me healed

  5. Ugonwa Anyakoha

    The lord blesses my soul everyday with ODM.My life is never the same after each write up.May God bless Dr.Chris and enlarge his coasts!

  6. God bless you. Please I just got the shock of my life. Vendors are selling odm for #500 each. When did the price change that much?

  7. God bless you sir, our Bishop. Am surprised that ODM is sold for so much in America. Please look into this matter because it’s not funny. Ada-eze

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