The LEKKI Anointing Service – “I SHALL RECOVER ALL”

The LEKKI Anointing Service 28 September 2019


Lekki Anointing Service is this Saturday, September 28th! Bring a list of what you desire to recover! This is your hour! Venue is Our Daily Manna Street, Beside Enyon Station, 4th roundabout Lekki. Time: 8.00am

The LEKKI Anointing Service - "I SHALL RECOVER ALL"

The LEKKI Anointing Service – “I SHALL RECOVER ALL”

NEVER FORGET THAT THERE IS COURAGE WITHIN YOU BECAUSE THE HOLY GHOST IS WITHIN YOU! In any trial, look for the courage within and claim strength to wait on the Lord to enable you cross over! Remember your God, “JEHOVAH OVER DO,” your all-wise God, will never allow you pass through a trial bigger than you! Ah!

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In today’s scripture, “Luke 1: 39-56, Mary asked the angel: “How shall this be, see that I know not a man?” Then behold the answer, “…The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee.” Overshadow means to “come upon and dwell within.” OVERSHADOW is GRACE from your “OVER DO” God! That is the secret of winning over life’s battles!


There is a “MARY” which God will use to accelerate your dreams! Pray that God will shake the wrong people out of your life, family and ministry! Pray that you will not be made to meet the wrong people! ONE WRONG PERSON CAN TAKE YOU 10 YEARS BACKWARDS! One right person can move you 10 years ahead! Spent time with Bible verses that relate to your dreams!

The LEKKI Anointing Service – “I SHALL RECOVER ALL”

I SHALL BE PHYSICALLY PRESIDENT TO AGREE WITH YOU VIA LAYING ON OF HANDS! Thank You Jesus! (The Lord just gave us a street named after ODM in Lekki – Our Daily Manna Street. Hallelujah).

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