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BASIC SCRIPTURE: 2 Corinthians 20: 17-23

One of the fastest ways to release the rich blessings of God upon you is to Iift up your voice and praise Him. Praising God when things are smooth and rosy is always very easy.

The true test of a man’s faith and trust in God takes place when things are tough and uncomfortable. When God says, “I have healed you and the doctor’s report says, you have twelve days to live, when God says that “you will be fruitful but the doctor’s report says that “your womb is damaged. You will never be able to carry a baby again.”

When you hear negative reports like these, what do you do? Do you give voice to faith, or do you let the negative report silence the voice of faith? As 2021 rolls to a glorious end, you need to learn the secret of praising God when all things seem to be against you AND NO MATTER HOW THE YEAR HAS BEEN. It’s the secret off champions.

They understand this: WHEN THE PRAISES GO UP, THE BLESSINGS COME DOWN! You can never praise God without experiencing His rich blessings. You can never praise God without experiencing the manifestation of His presence, love and power. The victory of Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah came on the heels of praise.

They had been attacked by two enemy countries and they were outnumbered by hundreds of thousands. But they used the power of praise, and God did not fail them. God will always show Himself strong on behalf of His people. ALWAYS! That delay is temporary! When you begin to praise the Lord and bless His name, confusion is thrown into the camp of the enemy and they will begin to destroy themselves!

As 2021 ends, learn to praise THE LORD and let Him fight your battles and win your victories! Never QUIT because PRAISE DOES NOT END IN SHAME! Hold on! Praise Him now!

PRAYER BULLETS: Take your best song of praise now.
1. No matter how 2021 has been, worship THE LORD now and praise Him heartily! Praise Him for what is ahead
2. I shall not MURMUR! I reject DEPRESSTON! Lord, I decree: My mouth shall always declare the glory of God and His MERCY shall rain upon my life/family/ ministry!

  1. Every evil hand trying to cover up my mouth of praise, CATCH FIRE right now. My mouth will declare the praise of my God in Jesus name (Spend today in PRAISE).
  2. Let confusion rain into the camp of my enemies as 2021 ends in Jesus name. Pray about today as led now.

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