Today’s Daily Manna Vigil Prayer Points – LORD, SCATTER CONSPIRATORS (October 2018)

Today’s Daily Manna Vigil Prayer Points



PRAYER POINTS: Take a song of victory now.
1. In your own words, pray against conspirators now.

2. Lord, SCATTER all conspirators! I throw confusion into the camp of conspirators walking against my glory.


Night Vigil prayers

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3. I decree: Every gathering of people or demons against my destiny and advancement, SCATTER today and tonight in Jesus name. Pray it now/tonight 12 Am.

4. I decree again: Every force, working fervently against my progress, BE TERMINATED now/tonight in Jesus name. Pray it tonight seriously also! 

Our Daily Manna 12 October 2018 – VIGIL DAY: LORD, SCATTER CONSPIRATORS…

5. You conspirators from hell, your conspiracy will not stand today! Your conspiracy will not stand as 2018 ends and 2019 begins in Jesus name (Pray it tonight.)

6. I decree that my MOCKERS/CONSPIRATORS shall stand to watch my VICTORY and rejoice with me in Jesus name (Pray it tonight seriously also!).

7. I command all conspirators against my star: RUN MAD now/tonight in Jesus name. Pray concerning today now.
8. See “War Against Haman- 13” Booklet page 105 for more midnight prayers.

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