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Welcome to the last month of this year prayer point December 2021

Welcome to the last month of this year prayer point December 2021

Welcome to the last month of this year 2021. You have been alive from January to this season of this last month. Men who refuse to express their gratefulness and appreciation never achieve and maintain the heights of greatness that God destined for them. Chance and sheer “luck” can take you up to a great position, but they are not strong enough to keep you there. A positive attitude is what it takes to stay on top and an important ingredient of that attitude is gratefulness. An attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is translated GREAT ATTITUDE. If you want to become great, you cannot do without this GREAT ATTITUDE. Look at the ten lepers in today’s story: only one of them came back to appreciate Jesus for what He did. Because of his attitude, he received more. HE WHO EXPRESSES GRATITUDE SETS HIMSELF UP FOR MORE BLESSINGS. No matter how 2021 has been if you choose to bottle up your appreciation inside you, you are isolating yourself from God’s greatness AND FROM MORE!  True gratitude comes from the heart, it is expressed willingly and cheerfully, and it is expressed promptly. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude begins with appreciating your family members and friends. Appreciate all who have stood by you over the years. This month or even today, take some time off to call one or two of them to tell them how much you appreciate their love and support. You may want to write a “thank you” letter or do a voice note. Such things are powerful! It goes a long way in showing that you are not just taking them for granted. Above all, refuse to be discouraged or depressed NO MATTER THE BATTLES! Learn to appreciate God.

prayer point December 2021

Prayer point December 2021
Month Ending Prayers

December 2021 Prayer Points to end the year 2021

  • Pray generally as you are led right now.
  • BEING GRATEFUL ATTRACTS MORE! Take time to appreciate God today. Sing to Him from the depths of your heart . Ignore everything and everyone around you and let God know that you are grateful for all that He has done. Prayer point December 2021
  • Loose HANGING BLESSINGS! Before 2021 ends, I shall testify! Every hanging blessing of 2021 must get to my address in Jesus’ name. There is a lot more GREATNESS ahead in 2022.
  • Declare it out loud, I AM NOT AN ACCIDENT. I am not an assembly-Iine product. I was deliberately pianned and lovingly positioned on the Earth by the Master Craftsman.


  • Father, thank You for 2021. Please Lord, in the coming year, help me do all that you tell me to because I know that if  I obey You, You will bless me greatly.
  • Lord, please be glorified in my life like never before. In 2022, let all men know that indeed I serve a Living God. – Prayer point December 2021
  • Lord, in the coming year, please have mercy on all the nations of the world. Let there be peace and prosperity around the world. Take sorrow far from all our nations, in Jesus’ name.
  • Whatever my FATHER HAS NOT PLANTED, be uprooted now! Whatever is not in line with OBADIAH 1: 17, FADE NOW! FADE NOW in Jesus name!
  • Father, please bless the works of my hands in 2022. Let me prosper greatly, more than ever before, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Father, make a way for me in the coming year. I don’t want to struggle; please let all struggles end with this year, in Jesus’ name.
  • Lord, surround me with great helpers in the year 2022. Please bring helpers of destiny my way – people who have the capacity and willingness to help me, in Jesus’ name.
  • As 20201ends, Scatter SHAME! I PLANT my season of Jubilee! I uproot SATANIC’ DELAYS and loose last-month divine surprises in Jesus name.
  • Father, please destroy every evil that the enemy has planned against me and my loved ones this coming year, in Jesus’ name. In 2022, I will enjoy victory on every side, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Father, in 2022, make me stand before kings. Elevate me far above my dreams for the year, in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, open the floodgates of Heaven and bless me greatly. Bless me so much that it will overflow to all my friends and loved ones, in Jesus’ name.
  • Father , in 2022, I will not cry over my loved ones, my children will not die, no one will be missing and no one will fall sick amongst my family members, in Jesus’ name. – Prayer point December 2021
  • Father, in the coming year, help me to serve you like never before. Give me the grace to please You and to live holy every single day of the year, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Your personal prayer request for the coming year 2022. Prayer point December 2021

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