ODM August Day 26 2019


Basic Scripture: Revelation 5: 6-14

The Tata Nano was a compact city car manufactured and marketed by Indian automaker Tata Motors as an inexpensive rear-engined car intended to appeal to current riders of motorcycles and scooters — with a launch price of one lakh rupee or US$2500 in the year 2008. However, the car once considered to be the world’s cheapest, Tata Nano, ran into a dead end as sales and production went down to a trickle.

our daily manna July
our daily manna July

The poor demand has resulted in Tata Motors shutting down. Numerous factors led to the decline of sales volume, including delays during the factory relocation from Singur to Sanand, early instances of the Nano catching fire,


the perception of the car being unsafe and lacking quality due to cost cutting! But the MISTAKE was the IMAGE of the NANO car which was portrayed to the public – the car was marketed as the cheapest car and this created a huge initial interest. But it never took off. THOSE 3 WORDS ‘the cheapest car’ became the arrow of demotion for that car! The manufacturers forgot that buying a car in India was associated with social status and prestige; if a person owns a car, he is assumed to be successful and settled.

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But the word ‘cheap’ in its marketing campaigns spoiled everything. The CAR was considered CHEAP in value and what the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional is that you must never allow events or circumstances to DEVALUE you! Never allow FAILURE or MISTAKES of your past to DEVALUE or CHEAPEN you! Never allow your AGE to DEVALUE or cheapen you!


Take back your SELF-CONFIDENCE and great SELF-IMAGE which you lost! You are the BEST! Rev 5:9 says. “And they sang a new song, saying, ‘Thou art worthy to take the book…for Thou was slain, and hast redeemed us to God by Thy Blood out of every kindred…” The word “REDEEMED” means ‘TO BUY or PURCHASE!’ Jehovah would not have sent His only Son to die for you if you were CHEAP!

CHEAPENING yourself is an INSULT TO YOUR God! You are very expensive and important and you must love yourself! A wise man said: “I don’t know a perfect person! I only know of FLAWED persons who are still worth living!” Never allow anybody to CHEAPEN or DEVALUE YOU, through their gossip, rumours, etc, against you! Rejoice and celebrate your GREAT VALUE now!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: What a friend…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Adore the LORD! Worship the LORD for sending His only Begotten Son to die for you!

  1. Satan, you are liar! I declare BOLDLY now: I am not your candidate and I am not cheap! You cannot devalue me or cheapen me through battle/depression! I refuse to pity myself or hate myself!

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