ODM Devotional For Champions 24 October 2019 – INCLINE!…

ODM Devotional For Champions 24 October 2019



There are many voices in the world, and if you want to fulfil your destiny and enjoy God’s best in this world, you must learn how to identify and follow God’s voice. Our second scripture (NKJV) says: “… Incline your ear to my sayings.” Note the word “INCLINE”! If you’re going to hear God clearly in these last days, you will have to discipline yourself to pay attention to Him.

ODM Devotional For Champions 24 October 2019
odm Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

ODM Devotional For Champions 24 October 2019

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To INCLINE means to deliberately MAKE EFFORT AND BEND to listen to someone or something! The word “INCLINE” also shows that there will be MANY DISTRACTIONS and MUCH NOISE so it will take some deliberate BENDING, (INCLINING) to enable you to HEAR and SEEK DIRECTION FROM GOD! You can’t incline your ears to the newspapers and expect to hear God’s voice. You can’t incline your ears to the doctor’s report and expect to hear God’s voice.

If you are trusting God for healing, then you need to incline your ear to the voice of healing. What you desire and trust God for is what you should incline your ear unto! Refuse to be distracted and tempted into paying attention to other voices. The voice you pay attention to is the voice you will follow. As 2019 ends, may you hear a voice saying, “THIS IS THE WAY; WALK IN IT” on every matter (Today’s 1st scripture, Vs 21)!

Determine that, throughout the remaining days of this year Against all odds, INCLINE, INCLINE, INCLINE, BEND, BEND AND BEND! WOMEN DELIVERANCE FIRE! Sunday 27th October, 2019 is ANNUAL ANOINTING/Thanksgiving Service of the Manna Women Interdenominational Power Conference. Venue: Ogudu Mountain, Ogudu Orioke, Lagos. Your Lazarus will rise again as I also lay hands on all women this SUNDAY, 8am.

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of adoration as led now.
1. Thank God for today and for the leading of His Spirit. 2. Pray about today’s word as it has touched you. 3. As 2019 ends, I determine to INCLINE and BEND towards the WORD! I reject laziness/procrastination! Lord, teach me, instruct me, enlighten me and help me to become all that you have destined me to be. I scatter DISCOURAGEMENT!

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  1. I shall not hear the voice of strangers! Every demonic and strange voice assigned to corrupt my vision and dream, be silenced now by the fire of the Holy Ghost!

ODM Devotional For Champions 24 October 2019

  1. Pray in tongues now and scatter every END-OF-YEAR EVIL NETWORK working against your destiny (Pray for 3 days).
  2. If you are NOT SURE you are really BORN AGAIN, see page 28 of this booklet and pray the prayers there NOW!


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  3. I tap into the women conference this morning as the man of God lay hands on women at the church this morning. As i can’t make it to the venue. I received ijn

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