ODM For Champions 30 October 2019 – NEVER TOLERATE INTOLERANCE!

ODM For Champions 30 October 2019



It was Bill Maher who penned: “Don’t get so tolerant that you tolerate intolerance. That’s a great food for thought in today’s devotional! DON’T TOLERATE INTOLERANCE! Don’t accept what your Father God has not planted in your life! Don’t allow your life, family and ministry to become a GARBAGE BIN! Father Dominique Pire noted: “Let us not speak of tolerance.

Our Daily Manna 2019
ODM For Champions 30 October 2019

ODM For Champions 30 October 2019

This negative word implies grudging concessions by smug consciences. Rather, let us speak of mutual understanding and mutual respect.” That’s right! You cannot allow the devil to use that word to turn your life into STUPID LAND! Don’t tolerate evil, sickness, satanic delays, failure, oppression, etc! Don’t tolerate disrespect to your person and vision! Don’t allow any person to be comfortable at disrespecting you. ODM For Champions 30 October 2019 – NEVER TOLERATE INTOLERANCE!

In fact, give the gift of your ABSENCE to anyone who does not respect your presence! Yes! Catch this: When the political powers that be seized James, the church “tolerated” it and they kept quiet! After some days, James was killed! Verse 3 says, “When he saw that the Jews were glad that James had been killed, he took his assault a step further by arresting Peter too” (my paraphrase). Did you get that?

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When you keep quiet and decide to “endure” the assault and onslaught of the enemy, he will be encouraged to seize more and more of what rightfully belongs to you! Oh! Satan is a liar! Put an end to tolerating intolerance! God will not rise up to fight for you if you don’t authorise Him with your prayers. Notice that the death of the man of God (i.e. James, the brother of John) brought joy to the Jews! But here is the truth: IT DID NOT BRING JOY TO GOD! ODM For Champions 30 October 2019 – NEVER TOLERATE INTOLERANCE!

Note also that no matter how good/holy you are, some people will not be happy with you. They will be so sad that you are alive! Your progress or having a job angers some people! When you are happily married, some people fast and pray to scatter it! Yes! Some people take pleasure in your destruction! They have sworn that they will not sleep until your life, family, and ministry are reduced to nothing! Ah! Your God will not give you into their hands!

As 2019 ends and 2020 is set to roll in, let the devil know that ENOUGH is ENOUGH; You are not a GARBAGE BIN! You will not tolerate ANY RUBBISH or SATANIC INTOLERANCE again! Pray now and declare a 3-day fast against any DEMONIC GARBAGE! Return to sender now! ODM For Champions 30 October 2019 – NEVER TOLERATE INTOLERANCE!

PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to God.

  1. In your own words, pray on today’s word now.
  2. Enough is enough! I return to sender whatever my God has not planted in my life, family, and ministry (mention them).

ODM For Champions 30 October 2019 – NEVER TOLERATE INTOLERANCE!

  1. I refuse to tolerate any NONSENSE! I arise and return it back to sender 7 fold in Jesus name.
  2. Pray about today! UPROOT EVIL GANG-UPS! Pray in Tongues seriously now!

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