Daily Manna 29 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! -2

Daily Manna 29 October 2019



Welcome to another encounter in the school of wisdom! The Holy
Ghost is pleased again to use the life and character of the serpent to
teach us some life lessons. Yesterday we considered two lessons from the
serpent. Now let’s consider the third. 3. The serpent has a slippery tongue
and before it can swallow anything, it first of all makes its prey slippery
through its saliva. The serpent does not use its tongue against itself but
against its adversary. The lesson here is that you must learn to use your
tongue wisely.

Daily Manna 29 October 2019
odm 2019 devotional

Daily Manna 29 October 2019

Don’t use your tongue to destroy yourself when you talk
about people negatively; when you lie, gossip and promote rumours, you
are using your tongue against yourself. Don’t comment on every matter or
issue. Use your tongue wisely this year. 4. The serpent does not listen to
everything. It is very sensitive to what it hears. Wow! Psalm 58:4-5 says,
“..They are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear, which will not hearken
to the voice of charmers.” SNAKE CHARMERS use music to confuse
SERPENTS in order to capture them!

So, most serpents have what is called “JUNGLE DEAFNESS!” They are called in the scripture above, the DEAF
ADDER – THE DEAF SERPENT! Wow! Likewise, the Holy Ghost wants
you to be deaf to rumours concerning others, to gossip, to bad economic
news: be deaf to the doctor’s bad report, be deaf to fearful TV news, be deaf
to demonic threats from enemies, but be open to what will edify you. Close
your ears to certain things you hear about yourself, your wife. husband
our boss vour best friend and your pastors, etc. Be like the snake that
closes her ears in order to escape danger. 5. The serpent changes its skin.

Daily Manna 29 October 2019

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Wow! A snake can be twenty years old, but wakes up one morning
and changes the whole skin to become a brand new, young serpent. What is
the lesson here for us? There are people who have the same circle of friends
since birth and that is why they are what they are and where they are in life.
So you must change your friends. Everybody cannot be in your life forever.
Oh! If nobody has ever walked out of your life, then check your life and
change your skin. Once in a while, change your friends and relationships. To
have the same people in your life is not a compliment.
Anybody who is not carrying you forward must go this

Note this: After a snake changes its skin, it migrates. It doesn’t stay
where it changes its skin. So when the skin changes, location changes. I decree that as you change your skin, your level will also change! I see great ELEVATION COMING ahead in 2020! Jesus moved away from some people, Abraham at a stage had to separate himself from
Lot. Somebody must go for you to move forward. The second reason why
a snake changes her skin is to look young. Daily Manna 29 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! -2

RENEW your OIL daily in the
secret place of your God! Run from the end of year hustle and bustle and
renew your divine youth like the eagle (Psalm 92:14). I decree: Your best
days are still ahead. Amen and amen! Daily Manna 29 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! -2

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground… – Click here
1. Thank God for His Word today.
2. Repent now from ways you’ve not been using your tongue well.
3. LORD. help me to use my tongue wisely this year. My tongue
shall not destroy me.

Daily Manna 29 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! -2

  1. O God, I block my ears to gossip and rumours and I loose my
    tongue to hear things that are edifying. Pray about today now.
    See pages 7-9 prayers

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