Our Daily Manna 28 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! – 1

Our Daily Manna 28 October 2019


Basic Scripture: MATTHEW 10:16-21; PSALM 119:95-98

Welcome! Verse 16 of today’s first scripture says, “Behold, I send
you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as
serpents, and harmless as doves.” Jesus made reference to the wisdom
of the serpent because the serpent is the wisest creature on earth. Of all
God’s creation, two animals are the wisest – the snake and the fox. But
Jesus did not say, “BE AS WISE AS THE FOX!” Oh! The fox’s wisdom/
craftiness is for cheating and harming others, but the wisdom of the
snake is to protect itself. So Jesus said if you want to succeed on earth, be
as wise as the serpent because there are too many crafty foxes/wolves on
earth. Your best friend, business partner, colleague or neighbour can be
a wolf.

odm Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe
odm Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

Our Daily Manna 28 October 2019

Oh! Your husband/wife can be a wolf! The word, “subtle” used to
describe the serpent in Genesis 3:1 means “harmless.” The serpent’s
wisdom is for SELF-DEFENCE and to protect itself. This is because the
serpent is the only cursed animal on earth and for it to navigate its way
and survive the harsh jungle justice of the animal kingdom, it must apply
uncommon wisdom. The following are tips on the wisdom of the serpent:

  1. The serpent does not go in a straight line. The serpent doesn’t go in a straight line in order to
    CONFUSE other bigger animals like the elephant, lion, etc. When the serpent
    was cursed, it became the lowest and most vulnerable creature. So to survive on land, water or forest, among other animals and mankind, it needed to make itself unpredictable and complicated in its movement. The lesson here is that in order for you to win in this wicked world. YOU MUST BE UNPREDICTABLE! Our Daily Manna 28 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! – 1

Be unpredictable in your life, family, career, business and ministry! Don’t reveal secrets! Don’t let people understand or know your next plan always! Don’t be too simple! Even God doesn’t reveal all things. He didn’t reveal to Abraham the location where the sacrifice will take place until Abraham obeyed Him. You must do likewise! 2. A serpent will always curl. It curls to have heat and to organize itself for battle. The curling of the snake also represents discipline! You must discipline yourself to win! Have
time for the Word daily. Do not compromise your quiet time with God!
Declare a personal fast time and stick to it.

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Our Daily Manna 28 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! – 1

Be disciplined in your career,
business and whatever you do. Avoid procrastination in spiritual things
and in your goals; follow up every plan with the required action, and be
organized. Today’s 2nd scripture in Vs. 98 says, “Thou through Thy
commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies…” Wow! This is
the plan of God: to corrupt the wisdom of your enemies and make you
wiser than them.

As 2019 ends, be as wise as the serpent! Don’t be too
simple! BE UNPREDICTABLE and sometimes COMPLICATED! Keep
your mouth shut, keep secrets and be disciplined! Ah! You will never be
a PREY to your ADVERSARIES in Jesus name! Pray now!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of adoration to God now.
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. LORD, as 2019 ends, deliver me from the activities of
foxes and wolves! Our Daily Manna 28 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! – 1

  1. You wolves around my life, family and ministry, dry up now by fire
    in Jesus name.
  2. Pray about today seriously! Use the Gems for Success pages 72 &
    73 always! Our Daily Manna 28 October 2019 – LESSONS FROM THE SERPENT! – 1

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  1. Power word of wisdom…thank you Daddy for allowing the Almighty GOD to use you..

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