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ODM Manna Online 28th April 2022 – DIED 30 MINUTES APART!

ODM Manna Online 28th April 2022



Welcome to this time of DIVINE SURPRISE with our 3 “FRIENDS” (the TRINITY)! I am led to remind you of this mysterious event below: “Thank you O! I heard O! But she should not go yet O! She should wait for me!


I am also coming.” These were the last words of an old man before he gave up the ghost about 30 minutes after his wife died. They had lived together for 58 years in marriage. Their departure from planet earth was dramatic/mysterious. The wife complained of headache, swallowed 2 tablets of Paracetamol and took a nap. She never woke up.

The man was told of the death of his wife! 30 minutes later, he just exclaimed the above words and died on his chair. The same vehicle carried both corpses to the mortuary. They were buried 3 months later in pump and gallantry. What an example of LOVE – enduring love in a strange world of conditional love! What a shining example of marital success in a strange world of desertion, divorce and betrayal. What a glorious epitome of the spirituality of marriage and love. True love is spiritual! Their souls were communicating and were connected even at death. May your love for your spouse take a new turn for the better after today’s devotional encounter. Be true and be faithful. Forgive often.

ODM Manna Online 28th April 2022 – DIED 30 MINUTES APART!

Endure your partner! Never separate! Separation is illegal divorce and it has led to many regrets later! Never desert! There is no perfect marriage anywhere (today’s scripture). The grass always looks greener outside, but it may be your cemetery.Refuse to envy others! Do all you can to make your own work. Have you been hurt, betrayed or divorced?

No matter your past “failures,” God can and will heal you again! Love and make yourself lovable! Jim Batrice said, “Man’s second childhood begins when a woman gets hold of him. As unto the man is woman. Though she bears him, she obeys him. Though she draws him, yet she follows. Useless each without the other.”

If you are not married, use today’s devotional to learn and get ready, because I hear the sound of abundance of marital miracles (peace) and weddings in Jesus name!
Pray now!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.

  1. Pray from the 404 prayer points section, as it applies to you. Pray it with zeal, faith and give thanks. Pray also for troubled homes today! Pray in Tongues a lot today.
  2. Pray for the unmarried today! Loose divine connections in Jesus name. Loose wedding invitation cards!

  3. Ask for grace for widows, the divorced, the “senior singles” and bind self-pity, self-comparism or depression.

  4. Loose MARITAL DIVINE SURPRISE this year for ODM users globally (Pray it seriously for 7 days and nights).
  1. Pray about today seriously as led now. Laugh at the devil now! You will testify!

ODM Manna Online 28th April 2022 – DIED 30 MINUTES APART!

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