Our Daily Manna 11 November 2020


YesterdayOur Daily Manna 10 November 2020 – THE STOLEN AMBULANCE: EXCUSES ARE UNDERTAKERS! – 1

BASIC SCRIPTURES: 1 SAMUEL 15: 1-11; 13-29

Our Daily Manna 11 November 2020
Bishop Dr Chris

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Refer to the man who “stole” or unlawfully drove a fire track in yesterday’s devotional. Apart from this case, that same month, a woman was arrested in New Mexico because she refused to pay for her FOOD ORDER in a drive-in. When the server asked her to pay for her meal, she was said to have told the server that she took the order for God to pay. Funny! They all had EXCUSES for what they did! Saul had an EXCUSE for why he could not obey the LORD (today’s scripture). He put the blame on the THE PEOPLE – Vs. 15 “And Saul said, They have brought them from the Amalekites: for the peopłe spared the best of the sheep and of the o Len, to sacrifice unto the LORD thy God Wow!

That one EXCUSE OF BLAMING OTHERS BURIED HIS THRONE and CHANGED HIS NAME TO ICHABOD FOREVER – the glory departed from him and evil spirits took over! An amazing world deed! Excuses are the doors openers for demonic spirits! No wonder Agatha Christie said: “To rush into explanations is always a sign of weakness.” Dave Del Dotto quipped, “No one ever excused his way to success.” Yes! YOU CANNOT EXCUSE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS YOU CAN ONLY EXCUSE YOUR WAY TO SHAME, DEMOTION AND FAILURE! Always remember this: EXCUSES WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU, BUT OPPORTUNITIES WILL NOT! Ah! I remember Jesus said: GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES! HE NEVER SAD GO AND MAKE EXCUSES! This world is not looking lor your EXCUSES! They are looking for your results! Yes! Exeuses are the rocks where your dreams are crushed! The beauty of a woman or the good looks of a man should not be a reason for falling into adultery or fornication. The lure of money cannot be taken as an excuse tor rituals, occultism, embezzlement; or for ushers stealing money, or corruption. Use today’s devotional to throw off your EXCUSES in the nearest waste bin! Yes! Lose your exeuses and find your results! Don’t shift blame! Take charge of your life, Remember Saul and remember that excuses are the funeral agents (undertakers) of idiots! Pray now!

IT TAKES A YEAR TO PREPARE FOR THE JANUARY WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT. Let God use you! People’s testimonies shall provoke your own. Sow your world anointing night seed to: Manna Miracle Mountain ministry (JWAN) UBA acct no: 1015310823. Zenith bank acct. No: 1016947468 or any account on page 29 of this booklet.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: My faith looks up.

  1. In your Own words, pray about today’s word as led
  2. As 2020 ends, I declare that the portion of SAUL shall not be my portion in Jesus name.
  3. Exeuses are the rocks where your dreams are crushed’ refuse to blame others! I refuse the name, “ICHABOD.”
  4. Pray seriously in Tongues as led now. BULLDOZE EVERT EVIL PILLAR OF THE WICKED.
  5. Pray about today and pray about the issue affecting you peace (Pray in Tongues)!

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