Our Daily Manna 12 November 2020 – THE EVIL BIRD AND EVIL SPIES

Our Daily Manna 12 November 2020




1 Moreover the Lord said unto me, Take thee a great roll, and write in it with a man’s pen concerning Mahershalalhashbaz.

And I took unto me faithful witnesses to record, Uriah the priest, and Zechariah the son of Jeberechiah.

And I went unto the prophetess; and she conceived, and bare a son. Then said the Lord to me, Call his name Mahershalalhashbaz. Our Daily Manna 12 November 2020

For before the child shall have knowledge to cry, My father, and my mother, the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria shall be taken away before the king of Assyria.

The Lord spake also unto me again, saying,

Forasmuch as this people refuseth the waters of Shiloah that go softly, and rejoice in Rezin and Remaliah’s son;

Now therefore, behold, the Lord bringeth up upon them the waters of the river, strong and many, even the king of Assyria, and all his glory: and he shall come up over all his channels, and go over all his banks:

And he shall pass through Judah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, O Immanuel.

Associate yourselves, O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces.

10 Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us.

11 For the Lord spake thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying,

12 Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid.

13 Sanctify the Lord of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.

Our Daily Manna 12 November 2020
ODM November

Our Daily Manna 12 November 2020

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A minister of God told the story of a woman in a labour room who was about to give birth. As the woman was in labour, a red feathered bird flew into the labour ward. The bird spent a little time, looked at everyone there and flew out. As soon as the bird flew away, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl who grew up to become a mature woman. But on the wedding day of this girl (now a matured woman), the bird showed up again at the wedding reception hall. The bird landed on the reception table, looked at everyone and flew out again. The girl that had just got married did not know anything about the red feathered bird but the mother remembered that she had seen the bird somewhere many years ago while she was in the maternity labour room. Nobody saw that bird again until the “girl” (now a matured woman) who got married was about to give birth in a hospital. Our Daily Manna 12 November 2020

This same bird flew in as usual and was looking at this woman who had just been delivered of a baby. The nurses saw the bird and wondered what it was doing in the labour ward, So they closed all the windows and used sticks to beat it to death. n their attempt to do this, they completely forgot the woman who had just been delivered of a baby. By the time they turned again to her, she had died. That means the aim of that bird was to make sure that this lady remained distracted all her life! THE BIRD HAD BEEN MONITORING THE DEAD LADY FROM WHEN SHE WAS BORN! Yes! That bird (evil powers) had been pursuing her destiny star right from the day she was born till she died. The Lord wants you to use today’s devotional to deal with MONITORING SPIRITS! Isaiah 8:19 says: “And when they shall say unto you, ‘Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God for the living to the dead? Yes! There are familiar spirits in the witchcraft world that PEEP (spy on you like that bird) AND MUTTER (they give reports to their senior demonic bosses). They are familiar because THEY KNOW YOU and are close to you! They are not strangers! They could be members of your household or very close but dangerous friends! Arise today and declare to them: “O you monitoring spirits, enough IS enough; your time is up! The GREATER ONE is in me! GO BLIND, GO DUMB, DRY UP and DIE because I shall fulfil my full destiny in Jesus name. Our Daily Manna 12 November 2020

November is my Birthday month, your Eleventh-hour miracde is my Birthday gift.

PRAYER PONTS: Take any song of victory as led.

  1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led.
  2. ” O you monitoring spirits, enough is enough; your time is up! The GREATER ONE is in me! GO BLIND and DIE because I shall fulfill my full destiny in Jesus name.” (Pray it for 3 days and 3 nights till you have peace to stop)
  3. I am being shown now: There are 1,176 ODM users worldwide being “PRAYED AGAINST” by envious people close to them.
    The LORD says: REVERSE THEIR PRAYERS NOW (Pray it for 3 days/3 nights till you have peace to stop).
  4. Pray about today and pray about the remaining days of 2020 as led. Loose marital connections!

ODM BIBLE IN ONE YEAR Our Daily Manna 12 November 2020

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