Our Daily Manna 15 December 2020 – THE JONATHAN GENERATION!

Our Daily Manna 15 December 2020- THE JONATHAN GENERATION!

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Our Daily Manna 15 December 2020
Bishop Dr Chris

Our Daily Manna 15 December 2020

Jonathan understood and believed that David was destined to be king of Israel and that nothing could upset God’s plan Incredibly, Jonathan revealed that deep down, Saul realızed it too (1 Samuel 23:17), So, Saul and his son Jonathan were in two different spiritual generations! Notice these particular words of Jonathan: “You shall be king over Israel, and I shall be next to you” (25:17). Incredible! Jonathan, heir to Saul’s throne, was content to take second place beside David. No wonder Imam All opined: “TWO things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.” However, Jonathan died shortly after those golden words. But Who Knew what God had in store? We know that David, when resurrected at christ’s return, will again reign as king over Israel (Ezekiel 37:24). And it appears that Jonathan, by the amazing character he displayed and the deep closeness and fellowship he shared with the spiritually- minded David, may himself have been one of the few in the Old Testament period who, like David, received God’s Spirit before it was given more generally in New Testament times.

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If so, then Jonathan too will be in the first resurrection with David. Then, might he not at last stand next to David, assisting him in ruling over Israel? That would perhaps, give Jonathan’s words a prophetic manifestation! Whether or not his words were inspired, this scenario as a fulfillment of them remains an interesting possibility/reasoning even among theologians. But let it be known that there is a generation that is not mad at taking second place in order for peace to reign. This generation of souls are not half-baked believers! They don’t fight for positions in church! They don’t get Jealous over who gets the credit or over who is anointed! All they desire is the PROGRESS OF THE KINGDOM. Do you belong to that generation or are you in the generation of SAUL who can even kill unless they get what they want? Oh! Catch this: A great man is always willing to be little! Hear Jackson Brown Jr: ” Every person that you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them.” Then the wise Rabindranath Tagore quipped: “We come nearest to great when we are great in humility.” May that be your pursuit daily as 2020 ends and 2021 begins! Amen!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of adoration as led.

  1. In your own words pray about today’s word as led.
  2. I am a member of Jonathan generation! I am a half baked believer! I don’t fight for positions in church. I don’t get jealous over who gets the credit or over who is anointed! All I desire is the PROGRESS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD JEHOVAH so help me, God.
  3. Pray for all pastors and discouraged ministers today
  4. Cancel the arrows Sickness and death. RETURN THEM BACK TO SENDER
  5. Pray about the last days of 2020. LOOSE last-minute testimonies!

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