Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM THE BATTLE OF THE TWINS! – 5

Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM




A sister suddenly started seeing her identical twin sister attacking and dragging things with her, in her dreams. These dreams were strange and difficult for her to believe because she never had any reason to believe that her identical twin sister could be against or after her or anything that belonged to her.

Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM THE BATTLE OF THE TWINS! – 5

Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM
Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM

Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM

But after much prayer over her dilemma, God dropped the bombshell in the form of a dream. In that dream, this sister saw herself standing in a place that looked like a temple. In that temple, there was an altar of gold and she stood at the front of the altar. All of a sudden, she saw her identical twin sister standing beside her, in the front of that same altar.

Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM

And then it happened. A man in a glowing white robe came out from the altar with a golden bowl of oil in his hand. This man walked straight to this sister and poured the oil in the golden bowl on her head and into this sister’s mouth, completely ignoring her identical twin sister that stood beside her.

The pouring of this oil on this sister’s head and mouth signified that she was the one that God had chosen, called and anointed with power. This sister’s dream reminds me of the words of Gift Gugu Mona “When God anoints you, surely you will be appointed for massive accomplishments. This is one of the reasons the head that carries the oil, gets attacked.

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Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM

Today’s 1st Basic Scripture says: “… Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Another thing that attracts attacks to any head carrying the oil of God is that the oil on the head also signifies an appointment for great/overflowing prosperity, And that is why this sister’s identical twin sister kept on attacking her.

She knew that the Oil on her head was heaven’s appointment for great accomplishments and prosperity. The carrier of the oil of God comes under attack because with the unction and power in the oil on a person’s head, that person becomes a TERRORIST TO THE GATES OF HELL! Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM

This is why it is almost automatic that Satan will always attack any head that is carrying the oil of God and such ahead will always need deliverance AGAINST THE DRYING UP OF THE OIL ON THAT HEAD! Such attack can even start from infancyncy or from the womb because there are satanic agents that can see a child’s head/star/glory from the womb and read it accurately.

But PSALM 91:13 says: you shall tread upon the lion and the cobra. The young lion and the serpent you shall trample under foot” Verse 15 says: He shall call upon me and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble. I will deliver him and honour him.”

God is committed to your total deliverance, no matter the attacks being programmed against your head because of the oil it carries. You shall not fail God or man! Pray seriously now!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: My faith looks up to the…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as you are led now.
2. Any power or personality attacking me because of the oil of God upon my head out of jealousy, be destroyed in Jesus name. Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM

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  1. Any arrow fired at my head because of the glory and destiny that i carry, backfire now in Jesus name.
  2. Any power or any personality covering my glory/star with witch blanket, catch fire and die with your blanket in Jesus name.
  3. Any power or personality that wants the oil of God upon my life to waste by killing me before my set time, die by fire in Jesus name.


Our Daily Manna 26 April 2021 ODM

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