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Our Devotional 14 December 2019 – OH EVIL MAGICIANS; VOMIT MY GLORY!

Our Devotional 14 December 2019



Welcome and be reminded that the serpents of the rods of magicians of Moses produced are called NACCASH. NACCAS the ordinary, normal snake you see in your neighbourhood. Oh! NACCASH was ordinary but “TANNIN” was extraordinary! NACCASH was natural but TANNIN was supernatural.

Our Devotional 14 December 2019
Our Devotional 14 December 2019

Our Devotional 14 December 2019

And because when two powers meet in any battle the lesser power always bows, the TANNIN of Moses had to swallow up the three “NACCASH” of Pharaoh. Vs. 12 of the 1st Scripture says: “For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.” Glory to God! All that the magicians could do was to produce something ordinary and limited that was eventually swallowed up.

And what the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional is that your enemies have limits. Oh! I prophesy to you today that Jehovah God shall limit and disgrace every stubborn enemy and magician as 2019 ends and 2020 begins. Those that hate you shall have their limits. Yes! God shall waste their efforts, disappoint their devices and scatter their agenda concerning you in Jesus name. Your enemies are limited but you are unlimited because your God is unlimited.

That is why you must NEVER miss the anointing service of this SATURDAY and SUNDAY – 2 days! Be ready to pray because it is the last ANOINTING SERVICE of the year! THE EATER SHALL BE SWALLOWED UP! And what they ate SHALL BE VOMITED! Theme is: Oh you satanic magicians: VOMIT MY GLORY! It will be a time of RESTORATION OF ALL THAT WAS TAKEN FROM YOU THIS YEAR BY SATANIC SERPENTS!

Our Devotional 14 December 2019

The LORD will SWALLOW UP their plans and your OWN SHALL BE RELEASED BY FORCE! It is the last anointing service of 2019, so be there with 7 prayer points as I agree with you by laying hands on the 7 prayer points! Ah! THEY MUST VOMIT WHAT THEY HAVE SWALLOWED UP THIS YEAR! Refuse to quit! Power, pass power! Pray now and see you at this weekend’s 2-day anointing services, 8.00am. Be ready to pray: NO CARRY OVERS!


Today is the beginning of the Lagos 2-day anointing.services. Venue: Ogudu Mountain. Theme: “OH YOU SATANIC MAGICIANS; VOMIT MY GLORY” Time 8.00 am.

Our Devotional 14 December 2019 – OH EVIL MAGICIANS; VOMIT MY GLORY!

PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. Thank the LORD, and pray generally about today’s word now.
2. Repent from ways in which you have compromised your holiness. PURGE ME O LORD!
3. See Psalm 35:25! Lord, disappoint my haters! They will not boast with my destiny in Jesus name!
4. I decree that evil magicians are under my feet. LORD, EXPOSE EVERY MAGICIAN BY FIRE! VOMIT MY GLORY! VOMIT my 2019 blessings!
5. O TANNIN, swallow up the rods of every magician this year in Jesus name. I command every NACCASH working against my destiny to die now in Jesus name.
6. Abba Father! As 2019 ends, LIMIT my haters! Waste their efforts and disappoint their devices in Jesus name.
7. Pray about today as led now.

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