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Share hare this with me: “Greetings Dr Chris!

I would like to thank God! Last year, I planted a seed for ODM Children Mountain and received prayer points. One of the prayer points was that a surprising marital connection shall locate me. I would like to thank God that indeed my husband found me in November 2021 and our wedding (Lobola-DOWRY) took place on the 5th of March 2022. I thank God for Dr Chris’ life and for allowing God to use you as His vessel of honour. 2 Chronicles 20:20(b) paraphrased, says, “Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be safe. Have faith in His prophets and all will go well for you”. All glory and honour unto our Lord God in Jesus name. Greetings, Dr Chris! From Selala Victoria (, South Africa.” Indeed, every ministry has their God-given assignment! Bishop Dr Chris ODM 8 July 2022

One of the assignments of this vision – ODM- is sending prayers (Psalms) for seeds sown. Initially I was “angry with God” because IT WAS HECTIC. I asked Him: “WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SOW AND RECEIVE BY FAITH?” He told me: “SEND THEM PRAYER POINTS and LEAVE THE MANIFESTATION TO ME.” I said to HIM, “But Papa, other people (ministries/churches) don’t do it!” He just replied: “YOU ARE NOT OTHER PEOPLE!” So, we do it based on divine instruction and you must believe it based on 2 Chronicles 20:20 which she mentioned in her testimony! We apologize if you did not receive your prayers in the past. It could be due to network issues. The best/unfailing source of getting your Psalm is via our e-mail: In this upcoming fasting programme, pray the daily prayers in “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-17” as directed in page 108 and sow your FASTING SEED. Then don’t miss the last-day LAGOS WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE at the Manna Mountain, Ogudu Orioke, Lagos, 9am on Saturday July 23rd. I shall lay hands on everyone present as I am commanded! Whether satan likes it or not, you will testify in Jesus name. Pray seriously now. Bishop Dr Chris ODM 8 July 2022

Sow your “FINGER OF GOD; ARISE FOR ME SEED” into any ac- count on PAGE 44 of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-17” booklet or page 29 of ODM. Prepare for the annual ODM worldwide 14-day fasting programme – from Sunday July 10th to Saturday 23rd 2022. THEME: OH! FINGER OF GOD: ARISE FOR ME.” TURN TO PAGE 108 of “War Against Haman – 17″ booklet and pray: Prayers before any fasting programme. Bishop Dr Chris ODM 8 July 2022

After showing your “FINGER OF GOD; ARISE FOR ME SEED,” kindly send SMS to: Zambia: +260-9667-485-41, Ghana: +233-263-991-400, SOUTH AFRICA: +27-79-284-9137, U.K.: 14/4-21-0565, USA +1-469-360S-0029, Niyena. +234- 802-342-1513, +234-8152626135 E-mail to:; WhatsApp to: +234 8144 -044 -226, 080-2342-1513, 080-2315-4316. Bishop Dr Chris ODM 8 July 2022

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Tis so sweet to trust…

Our Daily Manna ODM Hymns July – September 2022

  1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led.

  2. Pray for the testifier! Pray for all seeking fruit of the womb or marital connections! Decree that as you believe in the LORD your God and obey His prophets, YOU WILL NEVER END IN SHAME. Pray for everyone who will sow in this fasting programme! Loose manifestations!

  3. 2 Chron. 20: 20b – Lord, establish me and open Your ears to the PRAYER POINTS I WILL BE SENT AS I SOW in this 14- day fasting programme. 4. What are your expectations? Mention them now and give Him praise! Bishop Dr Chris ODM 8 July 2022

  4. Pray about today as led now.

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