Daily Manna 5 August 2022 Bishop Dr Chris THE VIETNAMESE TEACHER: SMILE!

Daily Manna 5 August 2022 Bishop Dr Chris


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Daily Manna For Today
Daily Manna For Today

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A popular Vietnamese teacher and author, suggested that you smile each morning, upon waking up. There is a science behind this recommendation: emotions are combinations of internal feelings and physical response that provide feedback to the brain. If you initiate a smile with your facial muscle, your brain will be “fooled” into responding with the relevant feelings. Despite all that you go through, you can smile every morning! Determine that SATAN WILL NOT SEE YOUR TEARS AGAIN! The key verse in today’s Basic Scripture is Verse 6: “but David encouraged himself, in the Lord his God.” Behind the pretence which most people put on, a great majority are unhappy (depressed) due to the battles of life, family and ministry. Indeed, life is full of many challenges – unfaithful spouses, wobbling jobs/business, kids that just won’t stay out of trouble or crime, delay to answered prayers, household enemies, unfriendly friends, betrayals, deaths, losses, rise and fall syndromes, stagnation, envy, e.t.c. David cried, but encouraged himself in the Lord. But it has been said before, that after the rain comes the sunshine. Hear this: WHERE YOU ARE NOW IS NOT THE LAST CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE AND MINISTRY! Your tomorrow can cause a new chapter in your life, family and ministry. Luke 1:37 says, “With God all things are possible.” So smile always! Smile and encourage yourself like David. David encouraged himself in the Lord. Learn the art of encouraging yourself even when your pastor or nobody is around. Smile and wait on the Lord in HOPE! The advanced learners dictionary defines the word, “SMILE” as “an expression in the face in which the mouth turns up showing happiness, amusement and pleasure.” I see these 3 qualities surfacing in your life, family and ministry in Jesus name! Smile or cry -The choice is yours. Oh! SMILE NOW!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of praise as led.

  1. Pray about today’s word as led now! I choose to smile. I
    refuse to be a wounded General in the war front.
  2. O Lord, heal all my spiritual, emotional and physical injuries
    sustained from the battles of life.
  3. Pray about today seriously! Pray for suffering people today.


Daily Manna 5 August 2022 Bishop Dr Chris

Tomorrow – August 2022 Day 6 OPTIMISM: PRETEND TO BE HAPPY


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