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Daily Manna June Day 15 2019 – DON’T TURN THAT GOLD TO AN EPHOD!

Daily Manna June Day 15 2019



Welcome to another STORY TO GLORY HOUR with He that V T turns misery to ministry! It’s amazing that the glory of Gideon ••as turned into groaning while his fortune was turned into his lustration! This is MOVING FROM GLORY TO STORY! Vs. 27 of day’s scripture says, “And Gideon made an EPHOD thereof, and but it in his city even in Ophrah: and all Israel went thither a whoring After it: WHICH THING BECAME A SNARE UNTO GIDEON, and his house.” Can you beat that?

ODM For April 2019
Daily Manna June Day 15 2019

Daily Manna June Day 15 2019

Note that the gold that was used i make this EPHOD was the gold of the Midianites, which God have to the Jews through the defeat of the Midianites. The gold hat was supposed to be a blessing became a curse! heir breakthrough became their breakdown because the Jews urned the gold into an EPHOD (The high priest’s garment, containing the breast plate which carries the Urim and the Thummim used in finding out the will of God, which they worshipped).

Daily Manna June Day 15 2019

God turned the gold into a snare (a trap) for Gideon! Please don’t turn your triumph into a trap! Don’t worship your body (your good health). Don’t turn your testimony into a test! Don’t worship ^our gold (your promotion). Daily Manna June Day 15 2019 – DON’T TURN THAT GOLD TO AN EPHOD!

When you can’t fast anymore Because of greater comfort in your life/ministry, you are setting a rap under your life’s pathway! Don’t allow any of God’s blessings o become a burden! Many men have stopped loving their wives Because heaven promoted them! The story is worse for women Who have tasted promotion.

They forget that promotion without control leads to commotion/demotion! You must not stop your weekly church activities because of promotion! You mist not stop tithing because it is now bigger in size! In this 2nd quarter of 2019, learn from Gideon and never allow the devil to turn /our glory into your groaning and resist his plans to turn your GLORY into STORY! Pray now!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Count your blessings…
1. Lift up your hands and surrender everything you have to God.

  1. Father, may my glory not be turned into my groaning! I resist satanic plans to turn my GLORY to STORY! (Pray it seriously). Daily Manna June Day 15 2019 – DON’T TURN THAT GOLD TO AN EPHOD!
  2. Father, may my triumph not become my trap (Pray it seriously till you have peace to stop).

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  1. By your grace dear Lord, help me to never be a Gideon ever. Thank you for this timely message.

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