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Germany’s main chemical industry association, VCI, warned in late March that chemical plants in the country will likely close, possibly for months, if Russia required payment for natural gas in rubles.

“The effect on downstream industries would be severe,” VCI said. VCI’s comments were in response to a Russian law, set to take effect on April 1st, that required payment for gas deliveries to be made in rubles (the Russian currency).

Sanctions imposed on Russia prevent German companies from conducting business in rubles. What the Holy Ghost is saying AGAIN to a BASIC SCRIPTURE: 1 SAMUEL 13: 16 – 23 user of today’s devotional is: DETERMINE TO GET TO A POINT OF YOUR PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE!

BE SELF AND GOD-DEPENDENT! Name today as the beginning of your INDEPENDENCE DAY! YOU CANNOT CONTINUE TO DEPEND ON OTHERS FOREVER! They will fail you someday at short notice! There are believers that cannot pray or read their Bibles or hear from God alone!

Somebody else must do it for them! Yes, we live in a world of INTERDEPENDENCE (interrelationship, interconnection, commonality, globalization, etc), but you must set a LIMIT.

Now today’s scripture Verse 20 says that all the Israelites went down to the Philistines, to sharpen every man his weapon of war! RIDICULOUS! MAY YOU NOT DEPEND ON YOUR ENEMIES TO SURVIVE!

PRAYER BULLETS: Take your best song of worship. 1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.

  1. O Lord, I shall not be a victim of total dependence on others! From this day, I declare the process of my independence even as I look unto God.

  2. I shall not beg my enemies to eat and I shall not beg my enemies for sword and spear in the war front of life!

  3. O GOD, deliver me from the hands of men! Don’t let me live on the mercy of others! Give me my own money and my provision in Jesus name. Make me a BLESSING AND NOT A BEGGAR!

  4. Pray about today and get ready for a Holy Ghost transformation from LENDER to BORROWER! Shout 12 hallelujah now!

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