ODM Daily For Champions 28 December 2018 – TOPIC: THE TOY STORE

ODM Daily For Champions 28 December 2018


Basic Scriptures: 1 Samuel 13: 8-14; Proverbs 3: 5-6

A young boy walked into a toy store with his dad and was amazed by the decorated toys available! The OFFER RANGE was much! “What should I choose?” he asked himself. He need to make a quick decision because his father was late to work! “Come on son, we don’t hall all day”, his dad said. The boy kept saying “I love these ones!

ODM Daily For Champions 28 December 2018

ODM Daily For Champions 28 December 2018

Oh no! Wait, I want those ones,” He walked along the aisles, picking up toys and dropping them. He just couldn’t make up his mind! “Quick son, make up your mind, we have to go”, his hurrying dad said. Like a lost ram, the boy ran around the store, his eyes moving from one shelf to another, but all of the options looked so good and he couldn’t make a decision! Eventually, the dad held his son by the hand and they walked out of the store empty-handed. Yes! EMPTY-HANDED! The young boy had tears in his eyes! He wanted them all, but ended up with nothing because he couldn’t choose just one!

But do you know that, that is the story of millions of souls on this planet? The world is like that toy store. We have lots of DAILY CHOICES available to us! If we don’t make CRUCAIL decision about our career, education, relationships, investments, ministry, church or other important issues, we end up empty-handed. Hear keri Russel wrote, “Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever”.

As 2018 ends, look down from as high as possible to make decisions. Look ahead as far as you can see. Then decide what to do. A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinions! Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight; indecision a dull one that hacks, tears and leaves ragged edges behind it. NEVER MAKE HASTY DECISIONS IN PANIC because you feel you must HELP GOD! That was the error of king SAUL(1 Sam 13: 8-14)!

ODM Daily For Champions 28 December 2018

As 2018 begins, always remember that HURRY LEADS TO SORRY! To make quality and wise decisions, you must always learn to take them to God in prayers (1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18). Hear the voice and act! Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it, then go to work! Then it is also important to understand what options are available. If possible, consulting with your pastor or other trusted voices can make the difference between a harmful decision and a helpful one!

I decree: You will not end 2018 in tears and regrets! May you not make a decision that will turn your name to SHAME! Amen! ODM Daily For Champions 28 December 2018 – TOPIC: THE TOY STORE

PRAYER POINTS: Take any worship song to God.
1. Thank God for today’s words and pray as you are led.
2. I shall not make HASTY DEVISIONS AGAIN! I cancel every satanic arrow targeting my decision making process! ODM Daily For Champions 28 December 2018 – TOPIC: THE TOY STORE

3. I reject the arrow of REGRETS and “HAD I KNOW!” Father, help me in my decision making as 2018 ends and 2019 begins!

4. I bind the spirit of error and mistake in Jesus name.
5. Pray about the last 3 days of this year!

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