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ODM December 2019 Day 16



When God looks at you, what does He see? He sees you through the Blood of Jesus. He sees every good thing that is in you in Christ Jesus. No one understands Toyota cars and buses like the engineers of Toyota Car Manufacturing Company. No one understands Boeing airplanes like the Boeing engineers that assembled it. In the same way, No One Understands You And Appreciates You Like “Jehovah Overdo” That Created You!

ODM December 2019 Day 16
ODM December 2019 Day 16

ODM December 2019 Day 16

That is why you need to see that when He tells you to step out and do something, it is because He sees and knows that you have within you ALL that it takes to do that thing. When He told me to leave PHARMACY for HIM, I HAD TO OBEY AFTER MUCH RESISTANCE, because I believe He knows my tomorrow and I remembered what Hudson Taylor said: “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.”

Hear me: You are not a “Second-hand kingdom citizen.” You have the same standing before God that Jesus Christ has. That is why today’s scripture Vs.6 says that God has raised us up and made in the heavenly places. We are us to sit TOGETHER WITH HIM seated together with Him and WE ARE JOINT-HEIRS! ODM December 2019 Day 16 – AN EAGLE ON HIGH! LIVE THAT TRUTH!

No wonder Tim Keller wrote these lines: “Christ literally walked in our shoes.” Yes! He was the WORD made FLESH! He is the everlasting EMMANUEL! Oh, thank you Gracious Father God! No wonder the devil is scared of you discovering and applying these truths concerning who you are. When A Man/Woman Knows Who He/She Is, It Becomes Very Difficult to Oppress Him/Her!

You are not a “Second fiddle.” You are not a disadvantage! As 2019 ends, rise up daily and remember what Lysa Terkeurst admonished: “Remember who you are. Don’t compromise for anyone, for any reason. You are a child of the Almighty God. Live that truth.” Oh! Live that truth! Take your place! You are a child of the Almighty God, created to REIGN WITH CHRIST! You are an EAGLE on High (See Deut 32: 11)!

ODM December 2019 Day 16

Don’t live like a chicken in dirt! Peace!. The 2020 January 21-day fasting prayers! The 2020 ODM and “War Against Haman – 15” booklets are out! Give them out as Christmas/New Year gift items. Get your copies from any bookshop now! Give to Family/Friends this month! The “War Against Haman-15” booklet contains the 2020 January 21-day fasting prayers!

PRAYER POINTS Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. In your own words, pray on today’s WORD!
2. I am an EAGLE for God! I dwell in high places! I refuse to live like a victim of life or a chicken! I walk in boldness and kingdom authority and I take what belongs to me from this day in Jesus name! I am a winner and a victor!

  1. All you evil agents of retrogression, labouring to draw me back and reprogramming me for shame, FREEZE, DRY AND SCATTER NOW, BY FIRE.
  2. Pray about today! ODM December 2019 Day 16 – AN EAGLE ON HIGH! LIVE THAT TRUTH!

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