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Online ODM 20 September 2022 THE RAVENS DID NOT MAKE SENSE!

Online ODM 20 September 2022


Bishop Dr Chris
Bishop Dr Chris

CLICK HERE TO READ Online ODM 20 September 2022 BASIC SCRIPTURE: 2 KINGS 5: 1-14


Many instructions that God will send to you for your destiny lifting will never make sense at first instance. For example, the Word of God to Abraham (Genesis 15:1-3); Moses (Exodus 4:10-14); Joshua (1:9, 3:15); Joseph (Matt. 1:19-20); Jeremiah (1:6),etc, did not make sense initially. The Word says, His ways are not our ways, neither are His thoughts our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-10). When God called great men like Oral Roberts, Late Archbishop Idahosa, Late Lester Sumrall, Pastor Adeboye, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, etc., it did not make sense then, but it made sense later! When God called this dust (myself) – the writer of this devotional, to drop Pharmacy as a full time profession and go into full time ministry, it did not make sense. I disobeyed and was struck with Epitasis( bleeding from the nose). It was while I was on admission in the hospital, that I resigned from my job and was healed/discharged on the same day without any further medication. All the doctors and nurses were shocked, because I had told them that I was a “Jonah” in the fish belly (hospital). Also, Naaman considered Elisha’s divine instruction for his healing as NONSENSE. Consider that God may decide to feed you with a Raven instead of a Dove (1 Kings 17). RAVENS ARE VERY SELFISH! God may decide to heal you through water and not the laying on of hands (2 Kings 5:11). He may decide to heal you in dirty River Jordan, instead of high class River Abana or River Pharpar (2 Kings 5:12-14). Is it not possible for heaven to decide to use the spittle, mixed with clay to heal you? Can heaven not decide to feed you through the poor? (1 Kings 17:8-9). After our 21- day prayer/ fasting programme this year, the Lord told me to start a monthly ONLINE 7-day prayer programme. I reluctantly did and great testimonies began to come in and are still coming in – (Facebook: ourdailymannaworldwide) (Youtube: Manna TV International; 8pm Nigeria time) daily during the one week mentioned in this booklet! It pays to obey God even when it seems like the most stupid thing to do! Respond to undeserved blessings with unreserved obedience! Online ODM 20 September 2022

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led. ==> Daily Manna September 2022 DEVOTIONAL HYMNS AND PRAISE WORSHIP SONGS!

  1. Repent from any disobedience due to using your brain to
    interpret God. Receive grace to obey God totally even when
    it does not make sense! Online ODM 20 September 2022
  2. Whether the devil likes it or not, I release my life and ministry
    from every satanic bus-stop. I must rise this year in Jesus
    name (Pray it seriously).
    Action point: What is the Lord asking you to do? (a) Give
    money to your local church? (2) Fasting and praying for
    someone? etc. Obey!

Daily Manna September 2022 BIBLE IN ONE YEAR Reading


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