Our Daily Manna 26 September 2019 – WORRY LESS! ACCOMPLISH MORE!

Our Daily Manna 26 September 2019


Basic Scriptures: 1 Samuel 17:47; 2 Chronicles 20: 15-22; Ephesians 6:13

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Below are vital keys, which the Holy Ghost wants to drop into your spirit today to RETIRE you from the school of worry and REFIRE you to accomplish worthy goals in this second half of 2019.
1. Never concern yourself with things you can’t do anything about. Armchair Generals don’t win battles! They do have nervous breakdowns. Don’t sit down to worry! Trust God!

Our Daily Manna 26 September 2019
new our daily manna 2019

Our Daily Manna 26 September 2019

  1. Don’t think of problems as difficulties! See them as necessary challenges allowed by God, to propel your promotion. Despite the grace of God upon my life, I have always experienced “big” problems – nothing small – but I see them as my promotion tools! Our Daily Manna 26 September 2019 – WORRY LESS! ACCOMPLISH MORE!

After many years now, when a tough or a bitter problem appears, I can immediately predict what will follow after – A HIGHER LEVEL OF PROMOTION! Don’t forget that I discovered this ODM vision on the day I wanted to commit suicide! But see what ODM has become today! Where would I have been if I had killed myself? Apply the same principle – see your trials/battles as necessary challenges allowed by God, to propel your promotion.

  1. After doing your best in any situation, leave the rest to God and stand! Ephesian 6:13 says “…and having done all, to stand.” To stand means to avoid tears, self-pity, depression, worry, murmuring, etc. To stand means to be expectant that at the end, your change will come no matter the present odds. Stand in praises! Stand in prayers! Stand in holiness! Stand in confidence! Stand in faith that the battle is of the Lord’s.

  2. Gut busy! Fill your 24 hours daily 5 items: Work, Recreation, Reading, Devotion with God and Rest. Don’t allow time for empty thinking. An idle mind is the devil’s factory!

  3. Don’t blame others for your experiences! Blaming others opens the door for self-pity. Don’t look for sympathy. Face life as it comes!

Our Daily Manna 26 September 2019

  1. Try to arrange your schedule you so will not have to hurry! Hurry is the uncle of worry! It destroys your self-confidence and provokes fear/anxiety!
  2. Don’t procrastinate! Putting off tasks till tomorrow makes your imagination to magnify a small mole into a mountain. Our Daily Manna 26 September 2019 – WORRY LESS! ACCOMPLISH MORE!

Remember: Special Lekki Anointing Service this Saturday, 8am. Theme: I Shall Recover All. Venue: Our Daily Manna Street, beside Enyo Station 4th Roundabout.

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PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to God now. Click – ODM Hymns 2019
1. O Lord, the battles of my life are yours! I choose not to worry in this second half of 2019! Fight for me O Lord. (Pray it seriously many times). Our Daily Manna 26 September 2019 – WORRY LESS! ACCOMPLISH MORE!
2. Pray about today and pray any other prayer(s).

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