Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 October 2018 – TOPIC: 2018 HITHERTO…

Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 October 2018


Basic Scripture: 1 Samuel 7: 1-12

Welcome to this last quarter of 2018! The words, “Thus far” or “HITHERTO”, in Vs 12 of today’s scripture is like a hand pointing in the direction of the past AND THE FUTURE. Whether it has been a journey of hundred years or 50, 40 or 20, thus, far has the Lord led you. This is your EBENEZER POINT; a place you look back and declare that indeed the LORD has been your STONE OF HELP! To read odm 30 September 2018 – “THE GUNILDA: PRESERVED AFTER 107 YEARS” – Click here

Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 October 2018

Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 October 2018

Whether the year 2018 has been full of fun or fury for you, or whether it has been lined with triumphs or even temporary defeats – HITHERTO (THUS FAR – UP TO NOW), has the Lord helped you! It could have been worse! Never forget that thousands have died since the year began. Some even had great testimonies of decoration, but they have gone to be with the Lord – they did not see this last quarter of 2018! In this last quarter, I want you to look back with gratitude and declare that no matter what, “WITHERTO – thus far has the Lord helped me.”

“THITHERTO,” “thus far” are pause in a story line! Someone who comes to a certain point and writes the words, HITHERTO, or “thus far” arrived at the final destination. Likewise, no matter how the year has been, remember that journey is not over! God is still busy on your case file! He told me to inform you today: He has not finished with you and He has awesome plans ahead for you. There may be more trials, but there shall be be more triumphs!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 October 2018

There will be more prayers/fasting to offer, more answers to questions, more toil but there shall be more strength! So, in this last quarter, know that the Lord who has started the journey in January and thus far, will carry you still further! Yes, by the grace of God, your pathway for this quarter shall be filled with corn, wine, oil and the fatness of heaven! See odm 29 Sptember 2018 – “WHY HE FOLDED THE NAPKIN! – 2″ – Click here

God will overturn the celebration of you enemies and there shall be tears in their camp because He will demote every mountain! Yes, your haters shall mourn in this last quarter because your race shall be sifter even in stormy weather! Yea, I prophecy as I am commanded: Your head shall be lifted higher in DECORATION/MERCY because your helper is God!

Oh! Trust Him, follow Him all the way: He will help you farther and further! Amen and Amen! Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 October 2018 – TOPIC: 2018 HITHERTO…

Prayer Points: Take a song in you native dialect. ODM Hymn songs – Click here
1. Lift up your hands and thank God for where you are today; worship him for HITHERTO – thus far – He has helped you and your family/ministry since 2018 began.

2. Lord, restore whatever I have lost due to past defeat/losses! Don’t miss Our Daily Manna 28 September 2018 – “TOPIC: WHY HE FOLDED THE NAPKIN! – 1”

3. Pray about this new quarter and the remaining days of 2018 seriously. Cancel bad news! Lord, do a thing in my life that will make my ears to tingle in this quarter. (Pray it seriously today, night/day for the next 3 days). Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 October 2018

4. Declare your heart desires and receive mercy/unprecedented favour. Pray generally on any other issue(s). Pray about today now! Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 October 2018

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