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Our Daily Manna ODM 14 July 2022 WHEN HE ALMOST GAVE UP…

Our Daily Manna ODM 14 July 2022


Daily Manna For Today
Daily Manna For Today


Full message Our Daily Manna ODM 14 July 2022

Share with me this good report and be encouraged! “Good day Bishop Dr. Chris! Sir, I am writing this e-mail to testify that the ODM 21-day fasting and prayer programme and the PDSPP (PSALMS) that were sent has blessed me and truly that 2022 is a year of Divine Surprises. Sir, since 2019 till this year February 2022 when I finished my Masters Degree programme, I have been without a job and a source of income. The worst was that I was faced with many serial disappointments, failures, bad news and delay, etc. There was nothing I put my hands into or decided to do that would turn out well. Nothing good was happening in my life except that I am alive. I attended many interviews; some I knew I failed and some I knew I passed and the interviewers would even ask me when I will be available to resume, and “boom,” the next e-mail would be “we are sorry…” At a point, I felt like traveling out as a solution to my problems. So I applied for admission in a school in the US. I was admitted and was able to fulfill all the requirements but sadly again, I was denied a visa. At this point, I NEARLY GAVE UP FINALLY ON GOD! Depression and feelings of being cursed set in, but as God would have it, I came upon a friend who introduced me to ODM devotional book and “War Against Haman” booklets. I participated in the 2021, 14-day fasting/prayer programme and I have been using ODM booklet till this day. So sir, I am happy to testify to every ODM user worldwide that our God who declared 2022 as our year of Divine Surprise has surprised me with a job in less than a month after the 2022 January ODM 21-day fasting/prayer programme ended. I don’t even know how else to thank this God to whom DELAY IS NOT A DENIAL! Please sir, you can share it so that people can know that DELAY IS NOT DENIAL! Thank you sir and I pray that God uses you more as you continue to bless us with this vision! – From CHUKS.” Halleluiah!

Today’s scripture talks about joy coming in the morning, after your season of battles/darkness -Vs. 5. The Holy Ghost wants you to know that DELAY/DISAPPOINTMENTS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE CURSED! And note that HELP comes from ABOVE and not by running ABROAD! Always pray any PSALM sent to you from this ministry! Complete this fast because YOUR NEW STORY IS BEING WRITTEN! Pray now!

Today is Day 5 of the 14-day fasting programme. PRAY THE GENERAL PRAYERS ON PAGE 97 AND PRAYERS ON PAGE 47 OF THE “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-17” BOOKLET. ALSO, JOIN OUR ON-LINE DAILY BREAKING-OF-FAST PRAYERS via FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide. YOUTUBE: Manna TV international. Time: 8pm Nigeria Time.

PRAYER POINTS Take Song 1: Tis so sweet to trust…

Our Daily Manna ODM Hymns July – September 2022

  1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led.

  2. Thank you LORD that delay is not denial!

  3. Joy always comes after the midnight of life! I am not a quitter! I shall hold on till my season comes!

  4. LORD, use my life and ministry to show that You are not a man that can’t LIE (pray it seriously for 2 days/2 nights)! 5. Pray about today’s word as led and loose RESTORATION!

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