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Prayer Points for Daily Manan ODM 10 September 2022

Prayer Points for Daily Manan ODM 10 September 2022



  1. Hebrews 11:1; Father, I thank You for my unwavering faith in Your name.
  2. Vs. 1; Lord, because of my faith in You, this year, I will not be ashamed
    in Jesus name. Morning Prayer Points for Daily Manan ODM 8 September 2022
  3. Vs 1; O Lord, as I call on Your name today, there shall be evidence in
    Jesus name.
  4. Abba Father, let my faith provoke the impossible today and indeed this
  5. I repent from the sin of unbelief today, and I uproot the evil seed of
    doubt now by fire.
  6. O God, no mountain shall be bigger than my faith this year; they will
    melt away by my faith in You. Prayer Points for Daily Manan ODM 10 September 2022
  7. Vs. 3; My Father, my Father, frame my world by Your Word and let whatever You have not erected around me,collapse by fire.
  8. Vs. 6; I receive grace to PLEASE You Lord daily. Let anything that
    displeases You in my life catch fire.
  9. Vs. 6; Lord, as I please You, whatever mocks Your image in me shall
    dry up by fire.
  10. Vs. 6; As I please You this year Lord, make my enemies to be at
    peace with me. Let them become my servants in Jesus name.
  11. 1 John 5:4; Because I am BORN OF GOD, no battle shall swallow me
    this year; they shall bow to the God in me in Jesus name.
  12. Vs. 4; Because I am BORN OF GOD, I am an overcomer, I am
    unstoppable and I am irresistible in 2022 in Jesus name.
  13. Vs. 4: “…And this is the victory that overcometh the world, even
    our faith.” I receive the “BULLDOG FAITH” to confront any battle
    waiting for me in 2022; dry up and scatter in Jesus name.
  14. Vs. 4; I have the “BULLDOG FAITH, nothing shall be impossible unto
    me this year; victory is my name in Jesus name.
  15. Vs. 4; O Lord, my bulldog faith will not fail this year; my faith shall be
    too strong for my haters to confront in Jesus name.
  16. Vs. 4; O Lord my God, my bulldog faith shall be too stubborn to any
    mountain, too stubborn to storms and too stubborn to obstacles this
    year in Jesus name.
  17. Vs. 4; O you my “BULLDOG FAITH” RISE and CONQUER, you shall
    not be under, you shall be above this 2022 in Jesus name.
  18. My Father, my Father, Satan must hear this: “I have the bulldog
    faith, I am not a quitter, I refuse to surrender, I am a conqueror
    this year in Jesus name.”
  19. Mark 11:23; By the power of my “bulldog faith,” I command the
    sickness in my body to dry up now and die in Jesus name (mention it
    by name now). Prayer Points for Daily Manan ODM 10 September 2022
  20. Vs. 23; O Lord, my bulldog faith must produce results this year. You
    stubborn yoke of untimely death in my family, NEVER AGAIN this
    year; break, break, break and break now by fire.
  21. Vs. 23; I CARRY THE “BULLDOG FAITH!” Powers of rise and fall, I am
    not your candidate this 2022; loose your grip over me and die in Jesus
  22. Vs. 23; I activate the bulldog faith now against powers and personalities
    positioned to steal from me this year, dry up and wither in Jesus name.
  23. Vs. 24; O Lord, my bulldog faith is my “DIVINE SURPRISE
    MANUFACTURER;” in 2022, it shall manufacture my salvation, healing,
    deliverance and miracles in Jesus name.
  24. Vs. 24; “I SHAL HAVE WHATEVER I SAY!” My marriage shall happen
    this year, I shall carry my children this year, my dream job is coming
    this year in Jesus name.
  25. Vs. 24; “I SHALL HAVE WHATEVER I SAY,” Any evil gathering
    against my promotion, favour, success, wealth, children, peace and
    celebration, hit the “ROCK” and scatter in Jesus name.

Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

Prayer Points for Daily Manan ODM 10 September 2022

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