ODM Booklet 2020 March Day 13



Welcome to today’s devotional encounter! I am led to paraphrase Vs. 24 and 25 of today’s scripture thus: “And they took him, and cast him into a pit. And they sat down to eat bread.” And Amos 6:6 says: “That drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the chief ointments: but they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph” Amazing! Note the words: “But they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph.” “And they sat down to eat bread.”! This is utter wickedness! The brothers of Joseph were not grieved, showed no remorse for the heartache, pain and agony they inflicted on their brother Joseph. They sat down to eat bread while Joseph was eating his tears in the pit. Oh! That means they threw a party for the downfall of Joseph.

ODM Booklet 2020 March Day 13
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ODM Booklet 2020 March Day 13

They threw a party because they had concluded that his dreams would not come to pass. Ah! They sat down to eat and drink because they felt they had captured his destiny. Yes, even after they sold him to Egypt they continued their partying. Oh! Hear this: When the enemies of Samson captured him, they threw a party. Yes! When Jesus was captured and sentenced to death, the chief priests, Jewish and Roman leaders sat down to eat and drink. And finally, when He died, satan and demons threw a party in the kingdom of darkness. And since all truths are parallel, this is exactly what goes on in the realm of the spirit, in the hearts of your enemies and sometimes in the physical towards you. Your enemies want to throw a party daily because of you, but they shall fail. The Holy Ghost wants you to know that those partying, Jubilating, eating and drinking over you shall be overtaken today/tonight with the sword of God. Thus saith the LORD, I SHALL TURN THEIR PARTY TO PITY TONIGHT! Oh! They sat down to eat bread! What an insult!

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God shall disgrace anybody that is celebrating because of your downfall. They were eating, dancing and rejoicing that they had gotten rid of Joseph: Any man or woman that is having a party because of you, God shall turn their party to sorrow today/tonight. Anybody that is happy at any battle concerning you shall suffer. Those sitting down to celebrate your downfall shall fall. Yes! Their BREAD shall become like STONE! Their food shall become poison. Their water shall become acidic! Their air shall be polluted! The earth they stand upon shall fight them!

May those who have vowed that they will not eat until they see you in the pit of life run mad to their graves tonight! YOUR ENEMIES DO NOT SLEEP, therefore, pray today and rise up like a wounded and angry lion later tonight, 12am- 1am, as you join millions of ODM users worldwide to declare: LORD, TURN THEIR PARTY TO PITY in Jesus name. Pray the prayers below now and pray again later tonight! ODM Booklet 2020 March Day 13 – WORLD VIGIL DAY: LORD, TURN THEIR PARTY TO PITY!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of victory as led now.
1. Father, I thank you because after today/tonight, my enemies will not rejoice over me again.
2. LORD, today/tonight, CUT SHORT the celebration of those that hate my destiny in Jesus name.
3. O LORD, turn the CELEBRATION of my enemies to LAMENTATION tonight by fire!
4. LORD, tonight is my night! Turn their PARTY to PITY! ODM Booklet 2020 March Day 13 – WORLD VIGIL DAY: LORD, TURN THEIR PARTY TO PITY!
5. O Lord, turn their rejoicing to rejection, their joy to sorrow concerning me and my household.

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