ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020 – PRACTICE NON-ATTACHMENT

ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020



An astronomer once said to the Pope, “Look at all the billions of galaxies out there, each containing trillions of stars and planets, stretching over light years of distance. Looking through a telescope, you realize that a human is a mere speck in this universe” The Pope reportedly responded, Yes, but you must remember: That mere speck is the one observing and comprehending what is being seen.” Sometimes, the solution is all about changing perspective: THE WAY YOU SEE THINGS! The Pope was seeing things from the perspective of humanity in charge of the universe, while the astronomer saw it as the universe in charge of man! ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020 – PRACTICE NON-ATTACHMENT

ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020
ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020

ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020

How this affects you is this: Man was put here to observe the beauty of all creation, but you must NEVER be attached to ANYTHING CREATED! You must PRACTICE AS A LIFESTYLE, THE PRINCIPLE OF NON-ATTACHMENT! Stop getting attached to things or people! This is because NOTHING IS PERMANENT! Sometimes life seems meaningless! Consider this: Every 100 years, there’s a big flush and everybody in the world is gone! And there ‘s a new group of people! And that gets flushed again and there’s a new group of people. And this goes on and on and to a wise man or woman, THIS MEANS THAT LIFE HAS NO PARTICULAR END and it is scary without ETERNITY! So, since there really is nothing that is permanent, you must not become attached to things such that you need them to always be around TO BE HAPPY!

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That is also IDOLATRY! Instead, you are better off enjoying them for the meaning they provide to you without setting up any expectation of how permanent they may be or how long they will last. Hold nothing so dear to a point that without them, you cannot experience JOY! Men and women will leave you one day! Your dogs, jobs, careers, friends, parents, spouses, money, houses, etc, will go. See what Jesus said in Luke 12: 15- …beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.” You can always pray PRAYERS TO SUSTAIN/PRESERVE YOUR MARRIAGE (PSALM 119: 86)

Your life, your happiness, your fulfilment should not be tied to THINGS or PERSONS! Let it be tied to God and God alone! Further study: See Isaiah 61:7; 55: 11-12. ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020 – PRACTICE NON-ATTACHMENT

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: When the morning comes.. – CLICK HERE
1. In your own words, pray over today’s word as led now.
2. Repent from being ATTACHED TO THINGS or PEOPLE and making them your source of joy.
3. Repent from IDOLATRY! Whatever you hold so dear that it affects your peace and joy is AN IDOL.
4. LORD, help me to always remember thatI am here on a VANITY TRIP to live for Your glory alone.
5. Lord, help me and USE ME TO POPULATE HEAVEN AND DEPOPULATE HELL. ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020

  1. Surrender ALL you have into His hands again! Make a vow that NOTHING SHALL BE AN IDOL!
  2. I scatter every power SPYING ON MY DESTINY in Jesus name.
  3. Pray about today seriously now! USE THE PAGES 7-9 PRAYERS – CLICK HERE. ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020 – PRACTICE NON-ATTACHMENT. Why You Should Pray Early In The Morning – CLICK HERE

52 PROPHETIC MANTLES-IN-ACTION! One special mantle for each Sunday. 52 WEEKS A YEAR! The Lord gave me a command to release 52 Mantles this year (every week). To be prayed on the ALTAR of the MANNA MOUNTAIN LAGOS. Testimonies are rolling in! Don’t miss any! This is your year! ODM Devotional Booklet 12 March 2020 – PRACTICE NON-ATTACHMENT


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