ODM Daily Worldwide 26 March 2020 – AVOID THESE “DON’TS” IN 2020!

ODM Daily Worldwide 26 March 2020



Welcome to today’s devotional encounter with He that is called “JEHOVAH the ELEVATION LADDER that NEVER BREAKS! There are some crucial ‘DON’TS’ that you really need to guard yourself against in 2020! They can act as DELAY AGENTS or cause the devil to ACCUSE you daily before your God. They are:
1. Don’t judge people until you know the whole story: Someone once said, “Beware of the half-truth. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PAGE OF THE ODM BOOKLET! – CLICK HERE

ODM Daily Worldwide 26 March 2020
ODM Daily Worldwide 26 March 2020

ODM Daily Worldwide 26 March 2020

  1. Don’t inherit other people’s enemies: It is wrong when you automatically make your friend’s enemies your own. Also, it is not in all situations that your enemy’s friend is your enemy! It was an Egyptian (a servant to an Amalekite – David’s enemies) that God used to help David RECOVER ALL in 1 Samuel 30: 11. This man was among those who was part of the invasion! Have a sensitive and an open mind this year! 3. Don’t be used as a weapon in other people’s battles or other people’s CROSSES! Don’t carry the cross God has not given you to carry! Refuse to be used as a weapon in other people’s battles even if your relations or friends are involved. Be a peacemaker and not a catalyst of war this year! 4. Don’t FORGET SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE! You’ve heard about emotional and financial intelligence, but how about social intelligence? This is the kind of intelligence that keeps you BALANCED and NEUTRAL in the war front of life! ODM Daily Worldwide 26 March 2020 – AVOID THESE “DON’TS” IN 2020!

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When people are trying to pollute your mind against someone else, until you have thoroughly confirmed the TRUTH of the claims before you, you should not judge! Magistrates and Judges are trained to have this kind of intelligence in order to avoid wrong judgments. 5. Don’t use your children as weapons of war: God can use your enemies to bless your children! Your children will need to discover their enemies for themselves; never use your position as a parent or guardian to make your children fight others. 6. Don’t spread false rumours about others this year! Rumours are carried by haters; spread by fools and accepted by idiots! AS A POLICY: Don’t talk about people behind their backs! ODM Daily Worldwide 26 March 2020 – AVOID THESE “DON’TS” IN 2020!

If the person is not there, SAY NOTHING NEGATIVE! When you have issues with people, try and discuss it with them. Someone once said, “Don’t talk about me until you have talked to me! Any of these DON’TS can become your TESTIMONY BARRIER and can SLOW YOU DOWN this year! Be WIse! Be an oasis of solutions to men! (Give out these ODM copies if it is blessing you). War Against Haman 15

Tomorrow is the BATTLE AXE INTL MINISTERS/WORKERS CONFERENCE OF 2020 (MARCH 27TH-29TH). THEME: THE SECRETS OF THE WIND AND THE FIRE IN LIFE/MINISTRY! Time: Friday is 5.00 pm. Saturday 8 Sunday is 8.00 am respectively. NOTE: Sunday March 29th is Impartation service; 8am! Venue is Manna Mountain OGUDU Orioke, Lagos! ODM Daily Worldwide 26 March 2020 – AVOID THESE “DON’TS” IN 2020!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: My faith looks up… – CLICK HERE
1.in your Own words, pray over today’s word as led now.
2. Pray about the DON’TS above now as led.
5. Repent from any area where you have been wrong!
4. Repent from SPEAKING NEGATIVELY about others when they are not there!
5. I refuse to be stopped, slowed down or hindered by my lifestyle! NO LITTLE FOX SHALL SPOIL MY VINE this year in Jesus name.!


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