ODM Devotional May 30 2019



There was an elevator (lift) operator who was such a great encouragement and a “professor” in attitude. On a particular day, the man was so full of happiness and was humming a tune. People called him a “hummer Jeep”, but he wouldn’t stop. One female passenger was so angry at the elevator operator and screamed at him: “What are you so happy about anyway? With bad news all over and crazy bills to match, what the hell is your excitement about?” The man looked at the woman and replied happily: “Well, ma, I’ve never lived this day before.”

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ODM Devotional May 30 2019

ODM Devotional May 30 2019

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Oh, what a way and what an attitude to face each new day, despite the challenges around your life, family and ministry. Be excited because you are alive! Be excited because you have seen today! Do you know that there are people facing similar problems (challenges) like you, who did not live to see today? So, in the midst of the trials and pain, find time to give the devil a ‘black eye’ by your positive attitude. Share this with me: We cannot choose how many years we will live; but we can choose how much life those years will have We cannot | control the beauty of our face, but we can control the expression on it. We cannot control life’s difficult moments, but we can choose to make life less difficult.

We cannot control the negative atmosphere of the world, but we can control the atmosphere of our mind. Too often, we try to choose and control things we cannot. Too seldom, we choose and control what we can… our attitude! Today’s two scriptures are talking about TRUST IN THE LORD (Proverbs 3: 5)! Set up no IDOL in your heart (Ezekiel 14:4)! Stop IMAGINING HOW that testimony will show up (Proverbs 3: 6). He shall DIRECT or ENGINEER your STORY!

ODM Devotional May 30 2019

Without a struggle, there can be no progress. Learn to smile in trouble, gather strength from distress and grow in attitude. Brave men rejoice in adversity. Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so is he” (Bhagavad-Gita). In this STORY to GLORY year, be positive daily because God is still on the throne planning your GLORY and GREATER GLORY phase! Ah! I see you dancing very soon in Jesus name!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship now.
1. Pray about today’s word as led now. ODM Devotional May 30 2019 – THE ELEVATOR OPERATOR: BE POSITIVE

  1. Lord, I TRUST You! I refuse to PANIC concerning my STORY to GLORY testimony again in Jesus name!
  2. I scatter every demonic attack on my MIND! I BIND DEPRESSION and HEAVINESS now in Jesus name. ODM Devotional May 30 2019 – THE ELEVATOR OPERATOR: BE POSITIVE

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  1. This message is for me. This is exactly what I need right now, I receive it as my Rhema. Thank you Jesus for speaking to me. Man of God may God’s anointing upon your life never run dry on Jesus name. Amen .

  2. Janet Ntibi Taden

    Hi, Good morning, please I’m not able to read the full story. After the short introduction. Any help please.

  3. Dorcas Akinleyimu

    Janet this is Dorcas, click on the words written in blue that says “ Read more of this story” it will open up for you. Try that.

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