ODM For Champions 25 November 2019 – THAT GIANT WILL BOW!

ODM For Champions 25 November 2019


Basic Scripture: NUMBERS 13:25 – 33

Welcome to today’s devotional encounter with the God who can never lie! You need to understand that no matter how beautiful and glorious the Promised Land is that God has prepared for you, there are certain giants there waiting to swallow up your testimony! There are walls and fortresses standing between you and that beautiful STORY TO GLORY land.

new our daily manna 2019
new our daily manna 2019

ODM For Champions 25 November 2019

However, the biggest news is that God is with you and He will pull down those walls! This is why, as 2019 ends, He is saying to a user of today’s devotional to never forget that: The God who is for you is greater than the giants who are against you. The God who is with you is stronger than the walls separating you from your breakthrough.

The God who is living in you is mightier and wiser than all the enemies of your destiny combined together. That is why you can never be defeated. Always remember that the GREATER ONE LIVES IN YOU (1 John 4: 4) and therefore YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS! Never forget Babe Ruth: “It’s hard to heat a person who NEVER gives up. Yes! Faith does not make things EASY!

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Faith makes things possible! That is why you must refuse to WORRY! Worry is a conversation you have with yourself concerning things you cannot change! Prayer is a conversation you have with GOD who can Just hold on and trust Him! That GIANT will bow! Amen and amen! ODM For Champions 25 November 2019 – THAT GIANT WILL BOW!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of victory as led now.
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word now.
2. 1 John 4:4 – I decree now: Giants and walls must bow! I am not a quitter! The greater One lives in me! Father, silence every giant that has come to stop my joy in Jesus name.

ODM For Champions 25 November 2019 – THAT GIANT WILL BOW!

  1. Let the windows of heaven open and let the rain of God’s judgement pour heavily on every adversary that is arrayed against my soul in Jesus name (Pray it seriously).
  2. I reject every plot of failure and disappointment. I shall not be put to shame. I shall not be defrauded, in Jesus name.
  3. Nothing will take me out of my Promised Land! I reject WORRY and ANXIETY! Nothing will stop me from possessing my possession, in Jesus name (Pray it for 3 days/3 nights).

  4. LORD GOD; demote the demoter! Arise and reverse every SATANIC PUNISHMENT operating against my star!

  5. Pray about today now! Loose an end-of-year testimony.

ODM For Champions 25 November 2019 – THAT GIANT WILL BOW!

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