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ODM MANNA Devotional 25 May 2022


odm sow seed
odm sow seed

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In the year 2000, an Indian Airliner, a Boeing 747, overshot its runway while landing and killed all passengers on board except 8 people. Ten years later (in the year 2010), a report of an investigation into the cause of the crash blamed it on the pilot. The pilot was said to have spent most of the time of the flight sleeping and when it was time to land the aircraft, because he was not wide awake, he made an error and overshot the runway leading to the fatal crash. Sleep is a great blessing from God and a wonderful physiological phenomenon. Sleeping time is a period that God can do great things for mankind. When God was to make a wife for Adam, He caused him to fall into a deep sleep (Gen 2: 21, 22). Several times, He talks to us when we are sleeping like in the cases of Joseph and Samuel; some other time, He gives a deep sleep to our enemies when He wants to protect us (1 Sam. 26:12); and when a man has laboured, He gives him sweet sleep (Eccl. 5:12) for good body immunity. However, what the Holy Ghost wants a user of today’s devotional to know is that: Your best friend may sleep and forget you, pilots may sleep and forget their duties, governments may sleep and break their campaign promises, but YOUR GOD NEITHER SLEEPS NOR SLUMBERS LIKE BAAL! That means HE WILL NEVER LOSE CONTROL OF THE SHIP OR THE CRUISE OF YOUR LIFE, FAMILY/ MINISTRY! That also means NOTHING happens to you without His knowledge and He will NEVER allow your enemies to prevail in their determined plans to bring you down because He is the God that answers BY FIRE! ODM MANNA Devotional 25 May 2022

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: My hope is built…

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  1. Millions died last night! Thank God for keeping you alive.
  2. Worship the LORD again that He neither sleeps
    nor slumbers!
  3. O LORD, arise against every evil arrow targeted at my
    destiny in this year 2022, in Jesus name. ODM MANNA Devotional 25 May 2022
  4. Jehovah the God that does not sleep, disappoint every
    prophet of Baal planning disgrace for my life, family
    and ministry in Jesus name (Pray it seriously for 7
  5. Pray about today seriously now! Pray in Tongues!

ODM MANNA Devotional 25 May 2022

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