ODM November 4 2019



Saul could not face Goliath because his confidence was based on shaky ground. Hear what he told David in 1 Samuel 17:33, Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth.” This means that Saul could not go out to face Goliath because that was the same thing he reasoned about himself. GOLIATH WAS MORE EXPERIENCED IN FIGHTING THAN HE (SAUL) WAS!

ODM November 4 2019
odm devotional 2019

ODM November 4 2019

As far as Saul was concerned, Goliath was the strongest and most experienced fighter on the battle field that day. Saul based his confidence on EXPERIENCE! But Saul forgot that Israel had a God who is called the ANCIENT OF DAYS! His other name is “JEHOVAH THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE.” He does not need to have EXPERIENCE because He is the EXPERIENCE Himself! He is the MANUFACTURER of EXPERIENCE! ODM November 4 2019 – JEHOVAH THE NAVAL AND INFANTRY GOD!

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He was the God who parted the Red Sea. He was the God who disgraced Pharaoh and taught him a lesson in SEA WARFARE! Did Pharaoh not die in a watery grave? He fed his body to ocean fishes for breakfast! Wow! He paralyzed and humbled the proud city of JERICHO and taught them a lesson in LAND WARFARE! Wow! So, He is the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE in NAVAL WAR (Pharaoh) and INFANTRY WAR (Jericho)!

Halleluyah! He is COMPLETE in war! Saul forgot that JEHOVAH was the God who helped Abraham and his 318 servants to defeat the armies of 4 countries (Genesis 14:14). Oh, I am jumping even as I write on this little night table right now! Thank you Jesus! If there is ever a time to forget God, make sure you don’t forget Him when “Goliath” has come to take over your territory! Every Goliath that has confronted you this year will be disgraced!

Look up to this God, “JEHOVAH THE NAVALAND INFANTRY SPECIALIST!” He Is Your Victory, Confidence And Your Surety Of Glory! You will NEVER be ashamed! Lift up your hands and praise Him now! Sow the 2020 ODM and new “War Against Haman- 15” as Christmas/New Year gifts to others even as you prepare for the 2020 annual January 21-day worldwide prayer and fasting programme (January 11th-January 31st 2020). ODM November 4 2019 – JEHOVAH THE NAVAL AND INFANTRY GOD!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of victory as led.
1. In your own words, pray on today’s word now.
2. Lord God, my confidence is in Your MIGHTY EXPERIENCE. You are the winner in the air, land and sea! Arise and fight for me today (Pray it for 5 days).

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  1. Father, fill me with a fresh dose of confidence. I command every Goliath to run mad! Witches and wizards; die and scatter! You marine powers, DRY UP in Jesus name!
  2. Pray about today as you are led now.
  3. Pray for me, Dr Chris, and the ODM crew for a renewal of strength and grace!


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  1. Wonderful, thank you Man of God for this insight. The one that has every phase of life experience. I claim that job for my son today in Jesus Mighty Name. They said he had no experience but he has you the all experience God. Thank you Jesus.

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