ODM Today 8 December 2019 – THE RADIO BATTERY! QUIT NOTICE-2

ODM Today 8 December 2019



There is the story of a young man who just got a small, battery powered radio and he was really enjoying it. After using the radio for a long time, he woke up one day to switch it on and listen to it again as usual but to his amazement, the radio refused to function. He turned everything he could turn, but there was no response.

ODM Today 8 December 2019
ODM Today 8 December 2019

ODM Today 8 December 2019

He banged and slapped it again and again, but the radio refused to respond. Then he took it to one of his educated neighbours and the first thing the neighbour did was to open the back of the radio to check for the batteries. The batteries were flat. The radio did not work because there was no power to make it work. Today the Holy Spirit is using this simple story to show you that certain things can no longer work in your life and ministry. ODM Today 8 December 2019 – THE RADIO BATTERY! QUIT NOTICE-2

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Why? Because their power has been destroyed completely! And that is why you can give a permanent QUIT NOTICE to them! Their power has been destroyed! One of such things is sickness! The power of sickness over you and over your body has been broken and destroyed and it is time to issue a strong QUIT NOTICE today and at the anointing service of this weekend.

You shall not spend your MONEY ON SICKNESS/DISEASES! The same goes for SATANIC DELAYS! You must give a quit notice to that PRINCE OF PERSIA prolonging your testimony day! It must also apply to financial shame, immorality, secret sins, RISE AND FALL power, disappointment at the EDGE of breakthroughs, working for others to eat, labouring without resun stagnation, premature death, career demotion.

ODM Today 8 December 2019 – THE RADIO BATTERY! QUIT NOTICE-2

PEOPLE HATING I WITHOUT A REASON, LOSSES THAT CANNOT BE EXPLAINED, marital shame, MARITAL DELAYS, serving your juniors, operations of spirit husband, spirit wife or children, regular pregnancy miscarriages and barrenness, etc. The end has come for ALL THESE because, their power has been destroyed! Lay your hands on the virtue page of War AGAINST HAMAN – 14” booklet and issue a quit notice to SATANIC LOADS!

Its power over you has been broken and destroyed! Now, get up and DRIVE IT OUT! Pray now! It takes a year to prepare for the January World anointing night; let God use you! People’s testimonies from that 2020 programme shall provoke your own. Sow your World Anointing Night seed into: MANNA MIRACLE MOUNTAIN MINISTRY (JWAN) UBA ACCT NO: 1015310823 or any account on page 29 of ODM.

ODM Today 8 December 2019

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. In your own words, pray over today’s word as led now.
2. I decree and ISSUE A QUIT NOTICE concerning all satanic activities in my life, and ministry mention the various areas as listed in this write-up) in Jesus name (Pray it 21 TIMES NOW). ODM in every Christmas/New Year hamper! Give out the 2020 ODM copies to souls! I see a new grace coming upon you for every copy given out this month! Amen!

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