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Our Daily Manna 29 August 2019 – WHEN THE TIGER ROARED AGAIN!

Our Daily Manna 29 August 2019


Basic Scripture: Proverbs 24: 6-16

Tiger Woods, 43, won a fifth Green Jacket at Augusta National on Sunday 14th April 2019, his first major win in 11 years and a first since having four operations on his back is no longer news! The news was what he passed through to get the win! Oh! 3,954 days! That is how long Tiger Woods waited to win his 15th major.

ODM by Dr Chris
Our Daily Manna 29 August 2019

Our Daily Manna 29 August 2019

In the time between the 2008 US Open and Sunday’s triumph at the Masters, Woods had made a public admission of infidelity/adultery and the breakdown of his marriage led to him to take a break from golf. Yes! He Stepped off golf. The former world number one returned, but then had injuries and back surgeries (medical battles)!

Our Daily Manna 29 August 2019 – WHEN THE TIGER ROARED AGAIN!

He slipped down the rankings, and millions thought his career was over. Did you get that? He got to a point where millions thought his career was over! His off-course problems also continued when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol in 2017.

Yes! He went into alcohol for succour; many men would! But now at the age of 43, he has won at Augusta for the first time since 2005. He not only won the coveted Golf cup and Green jacket, but the US president gave him one of the highest awards given to citizens! Wow! From SHAME to FAME; from STORY to GLORY!

Our Daily Manna 29 August 2019 – WHEN THE TIGER ROARED AGAIN! See what former US President Barrack Obama also screamed out in a tweet:

“Congratulations. Tiger! To come back and win the Masters after all the highs and lows is a testament to excellence, grit, and determination.” And that tweet summarizes today’s devotional: Life Is Full Of Highs And Lows! Life Is Full Of Victories And Some Defeats! Life Is Full Of Pain And Much Gain! Yes! Life Is Full Of Great Testimonies And Excellent Triumphs!

I also know that life is full of COME DOWNS (falling), COMEBACKS (rising), WONDERFUL SETUPS AND MANY SETBACKS, but after any SETBACK or LOW, with determination and faith in God, you can BOUNCE BACK TO WIN AGAIN AND AGAIN! Ah, my Father just showed me that 477 people using today’s devotional are bouncing back mightily again!

Yes! Beautiful RAINBOWS show up after UGLY STORMS! Prov. 24:16 (KJV) says: “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again…” Determine to rise and soar again! Hear Ben Stein: “Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face and then reach for the stars.”

Yes! Don’t miss the August Lagos Anointing service – Rise and Fall must expire! Just keep moving! Never stop! Even the stars will salute you! Amen and amen!

Our Daily Manna 29 August 2019

This Saturday AUGUST 31ST, 2019 is Lagos (Ogudu) anointing service. Theme: “RISE AND FALL MUST EXPIRE!” Come with three special prayer points. I shall lay hands on you again in agreement.

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of power as led!
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now. Our Daily Manna 29 August 2019 – WHEN THE TIGER ROARED AGAIN!

  1. I receive NEW GRACE to rise above self pity, depression or self hate! I receive NEW GRACE to rise above critics, haters, my past mistakes or failures, and I determine NEVER to allow any battle or gossip TO STOP ME in Jesus name. Pray in Tongues well now!

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  1. Elizabeth Kanyama Zulu

    Amen Man of God I will refuse to arise and fall again in Jesus Name.

  2. Thanks Pastor for the daily devotion it lifts up my spiritual life and motivate me when I feel low more grace upon your life

  3. Amen and Amen

  4. Amen! Thank you Jesus I am lifted and glorified in Christ, man of God keep blessing my soul God bless you and your family. IJN Amen.

  5. When the tiger roared again 1and 2, became my break through moment, last year. After going through these write-up (prophecy) and believed in it by faith that I am receiving a turning point. After losing my job for about two years plus, including some mistakes I made on the way. On the 3rd of September,2019. I received a call from my former employer to resume immediately at a new company as a management staff with a good pay which was 8 times higher than the former. To God alone be the Glory.

  6. I want our daily manna for children April to June 2020

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