Our Daily Manna April 2020 Day 7 – THE LECTURER WHO COULD NOT SLEEP!

Our Daily Manna April 2020 Day 7



Welcome! I am led to use some past testimonies to write! No testimony is Superior to the other! We get e-mails of brethren complaining that their testimonies were not used! Testimonies are so many that I have to prayerfully publish them! It’s not due to a “special” or “not special” analysis. So we will use some immediate past testimonies to encourage everyone that YOUR GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE! Share this testimony with me: “My name is Dukefe Ana, and I attended the program in January, where we were told to tear garments. In fact, the way I was tearing that garment, the garment will Just “pity itself” for coming into existence. The reason I tore the garment was that when I did my HND, I went into Education and they said I should go for my PGD. Do not miss “THE SIN OF “HOW WILL IT HAPPEN?

COMMANDING YOUR WEEK PRAYERS (1st week of APRIL 2020) Bishop Dr Chris
PRAYERS (1st week of APRIL 2020) Bishop Dr Chris

Our Daily Manna April 2020 Day 7

I did it in the year 2000; the annex were canceled. I did another PGD in 2011 and the result was withheld. While this was going on, my colleagues by passed overtook me and were ahead of me both in position and other benefits. I waited for the result that did not come. So when it was time for my colleagues to move to Level 16 while I was still on 14, I had a burden and I went back to the campus for a way out for my result with tears because I was now the errand lady of my Juniors. I wanted to do my Masters and lo and behold the God of this mountain was on my side. They forgot the PGD result and just gave me admission. Ah! I was shocked, But after finishing the Masters which was successful, I was to present my PGD result. I sad, LORD, my Masters result is ready, but where is the PGD that I will add to it so that I will be promoted?’ Do you know that, on Friday night as was calling on the God of change of garment, somebody (the lecturer) called me in the middle of the night. He said “I couldn’t sleep, a result has been released, go and check whether your own is there.

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I ran to the place in the morning and behold my name was number 26. All the results, both the PGD and Masters were intact and I had a distinction in PGD, to God be the glory! Amen and amen! Oh! I prophesy that in this year 2020, someone will not able to sleep till you sit on your ELEVATION throne! In this year 2020, you will overtake all who have overtaken you in the past because you serve the “DELAY IS not DENIAL” God. Note this: “They forgot the PGD result and just gave me admission.” Oh! I decree: AN ENEMY WILL FORGET YOU THIS YEAR because they will fight battles that will consume them! They will forget you and allow you to pass! I see 73,200 forms of ELEVATION that will have no EXPLANATION before November 28th this year! Your ELEVATION will take them by storm and it will come in a surprise package in Jesus name! Our Daily Manna April 2020 Day 7 – THE LECTURER WHO COULD NOT SLEEP!

I am reminded by the Holy Ghost again of Vs. 1 of today’s word: “On that night could not the king sleep, and he commanded to bring the book of records of the chronicles; and they were read before the king. Wow! The lecturer could not sleep because this daughter of Abraham had to be decorated! Her result had to be released! Ah! I prophesy again: In 2020, those holding whatever belongs to you shall release it or pay with their lives! Lift up your hands and praise the LORD now! Our Daily Manna Devotional 2020 & War Against Haman-15 For Champions

Our Daily Manna April 2020 Day 7

SEND IN THE TESTIMONIES – If you have testimonies from laying of hands, praying With the mantles or wearing of the bishop’s suit, etc kindly send your elevation testimonies to: orderodm@gmail.com; WHATSAPP to:+234-8096845694 or +44-7818 -36-8223. Our Daily Manna April 2020 Day 7 – THE LECTURER WHO COULD NOT SLEEP! Daily prayer for the quarter “Prayer Points for April -June 2020

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led. ODM Daily Praise & Worship Hymns
1. Thank God for today’s Word and pray as you are led. Our Daily Manna April 2020 Day 7 – THE LECTURER WHO COULD NOT SLEEP!
2. O LORD, put Your fear in them give them no rest for my sake in Jesus name: Pray about today!

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  1. ODM is an inspirational daily reading. It always speaks about what bothers me and give a prayer point to proffer solutions to a particular problem. May God Almighty continue to bless, protect and speak more to the servant of God Dr Chris

  2. Our daily manner, has been my daily food. I wake up each day with a message helping me wipe every overnight tears or the wake up to a new “how do I live this day ” i never saw any meaning to my life until I started using odm. My testimonies, achievements, peace and new dreams are tired to this commission.
    God bless you, your families and all those who has made this food of life get to people like me.

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