ODM Daily For Winners 6 April 2020 – THE SIN OF “HOW WILL IT HAPPEN?”

ODM Daily For Winners 6 April 2020



Welcome! Begin today’s devotional encounter with this amazing scripture containing an amazing question by millions everyday: Luke 1:34 says: “Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? The question (paraphrased) is “HOW WILL IT HAPPEN?” Then be reminded of Vs. 1 of 1 Chronicles 21 – “And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.” The question is: Why did David number Israel? ODM Daily For Winners 6 April 2020 – THE SIN OF “HOW WILL IT HAPPEN?” Our Daily Manna Devotional 2020 & War Against Haman-15 For Champions

ODM Daily For Winners 6 April 2020
ODM Daily For Winners 6 April 2020

ODM Daily For Winners 6 April 2020

Why would he carry out a census on God’s own people and nation without permission from God? When David fought against Goliath, he was inspired by God to do it! When the Amalekite invaded Ziklag, the hometown of David at the time and burnt down everything David and his men had, and took their wives and children captive, David enquired from God about what he should do and God told him the next step to take. But why would David number Israel without hearing from God? Well, THE HOLY GHOST WANTS YOU TO KNOW THAT the issue here was not just about numbering Israel but about THE MOTIVE OF THE EXERCISE.

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Oh, thank you LORD Jesus! The motive was wrong and it was the wrong motive that provoked God. David carried out that census in order to ascertain the military might of Israel. He wanted to know what was left of his army in the event of war or enemy invasion. He was asking himself: “DO I HAVE THE REQUISITE MILITARY STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE AND EXPERTISE TO FACE MY ENEMIES? HOW WILL I CONQUER MY ENEMIES with my current number of personnel? It was the sin of HOW WILL IT HAPPEN? How will I defeat my enemies? But David forgot the God who elevated him from the last to the first; from number 8 to number one amongst his brethren! Ah! He forgot the God of the 5 stones and a sling! He forgot that the God who used ONE STONE to paralyze the entire nation of the Philistines could use just one soldier to devastate a million enemies!

ODM Daily For Winners 6 April 2020 – THE SIN OF “HOW WILL IT HAPPEN?”

And what the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional is that no matter your many life’s battles and enemies, no matter your unfuftilled dreams and expectations, etc, don’t engage in the sin of “HOW WILL IT HAPPEN?” Learn from David and Mary today! Mary had a good motive, she believed God that faithful is He who had promised and who will perform it, and she became a star! How your miracle will locate you is NOT your business! It is in the hands of your God and He will shock you for good this year because He is working behind the scenes for you! Refuse to worry or doubt! Hold on, trust God and hold out!


PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1 when the roll is called… – CLICK HERE
1. Thank God for today’s sword and pray as led now
2. Lord, I repent from the sin of “how will it happen?” as it concerns me in Jesus name.
3. My elevation good news shall not pass me by. Spirit of doubt, be arrested by fire.
4. Pray Seriously about today now. Cancel satanic provocation and regrets! Thank you LORD! Pray seriously  here “Prayer Points for April -June 2020

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ODM Daily For Winners 6 April 2020 – THE SIN OF “HOW WILL IT HAPPEN?” SPECIAL PRAYERS – “COMMANDING YOUR WEEK PRAYERS (1st week of APRIL 2020) Bishop Dr Chris

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