Many people think about fasting in January for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you need to renew your body and soul. Did you gain weight during the holiday season? Maybe you’re feeling sluggish or toxic and need to cleanse your body in such order. Or maybe you want to fast for spiritual reasons, such as a breakthrough in your personal life or for revival in this land. Whatever your reasons are for fasting, here are 10 tips to ensure you fast smartly.



1. Prepare Your Mind
Before you begin, think about why you want to fast. What do you want to achieve? It’s important to have the right mindset before you start or you may lose heart early on. Pray for discipline and a strong will to complete the fast.

2. Stock Up
Shop for everything you’ll need before the day you begin. Not having everything you need on your first day is a sure way to fail. If you’re doing a juice fast, for example, look at the recipes you’ll be using, and make sure your shopping list has all the ingredients.

3. Drink Water
As led. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of purified water while you are fasting so that you can flush away toxins and waste. IT IS NOT A SIN TO DRINK WATER IN THE DANIEL KIND OF FAST! This will also help you stay energized. Dehydration can cause you feel tired and hungry.

4. Go Easy
Avoid exhausting work! Gentle exercise, such as walking, is good, but don’t overexert yourself. Your body is working hard to eliminate toxins, remove damaged cells and restore vitality. This important work is often not completed when we eat regular meals. That’s because the body focuses its attention on digestion throughout the day. Fasting frees your body from this daily chore so it can work on cleansing, repairing and healing. It’s like taking a week’s vacation so thoroughly clean your home. While all this important work is going on inside, you want to give your body the rest it needs. Take more breaks. Go for walks. Get fresh air and sun. Go to bed early, as powerful healing hormones are released while you sleep. Relax before bed by taking a bath, reading a good book or listening to beautiful music.

5. Choose a Plan
Many people think fasting means a strict water fast. Some people even try to follow the model of some biblical heroes—no food or water, which can be dangerous UNLESS LED BY THE HOLY GHOST. But there is more than one type of fast. Choose the one that is best for you.
Water fast –A strict water fast for more than two or three days is not recommended unless you can completely rest and are medically supervised.

Juice fast –Freshly made juice is rich in antioxidants that bind toxins so they don’t damage cell—and those antioxidant are critical, especially during a fast. On the juice fast, you can drink vegetable juices, purified water, coconut water, veggie broth and natural herbal teas throughout the day. I emphasize vegetable juice because fruit juice has too much sugar, which can cause spikes and dips in blood sugar, leaving you tired.

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However, you can use a little fruit to flavor sweeten veggie juice recipes. Unlike in biblical times, where the air, soil and water were virtually pure, we have thousands of different chemicals pouring into our atmosphere every year now. Most of our food is sprayed with pesticides and packaged with preservatives, additives, dyes and fillers. (Therefore, you ought to choose organic produce.) Our water is treated with chemicals, and our air assaulted with industrial pollution’.

The Daniel Fast- As earlier described in Daniel 10:3, the prophet abstained for three weeks from delicacies, meat and wine, which would include all animal products and alcohol. This is a vegetables diet. In other words, it includes abstaining from rich foods and desserts.

One meal a day – Everyone can fast for one meal or from certain foods. You can deny yourself coffee, sweets, soda pop, fast food, snack foods and junk food. None of these things are good for your body anyway. And if you can’t do a strict fast because of your age, pregnancy or health, choose instead to give up some of your favorite foods per day. You could fast one meal a day and drink a veggie juice instead.

6. Be Wise
You may have a physical condition that would make water or juice fasting unwise or dangerous. Seek medical advice first. However, be aware that many doctors have little knowledge of fasting or training in nutrition. People who should not do a strict water or juice fast include women who are pregnant or nursing, people who are anorexic or bulimic, anyone who is emaciated or underweight, and those who are on dialysis. Be aware of medications and their effects while you fast. For example, a vegetables juice fast can lower your blood pressure quickly, so you would need to cut back on medication, for which you should seek physician’s advice.

People with diabetes or hypoglycemia can modify a vegetable juice fast and include green smoothies made with avocado for extra protein and fat. This would also be my recommendation for anyone who is elderly or weak. During your fast, if you become so hungry that you can’t READ YOUR BIBLE OR EVEN PRAY, then you may need to stop before continuing any other kind of fast. Please note: Children under the age of 15 should not do strict water or juice fast.

7. Determine the Length
You can fast from one day to an extended period of time, like Jesus did for 40 days. Most people can easily handle a three day fast. If you work, start on Friday. Then you will have the weekend to complete the fast at home. But doing this 21 day fast or 14nday fast (JULY) at the same time with others around the world creates a GLOBAL ANNOITING that is irresistible to demons.

8. Know the Symptoms
As your body releases toxins, you might get some detox reactions, such as headaches, tiredness, foggy brain or bad breath (Chew parsley for your breath). This can be part of your body ridding itself of toxins that could cause disease, which is a good thing. Don’t quit your fast when this happens. The symptoms should pass rather quickly.

9. Pray
Fasting and prayer are inked throughout the bible. Whenever we fast, we are admonished to pray, which facilitates BREAKING STUBBORN YOKES, spiritual growth and renewal. IF YOU DON’T PRAY OR READ YOUR BIBLE OR DO GOOD LIKE SOWING SEEDS DURING THIS PERIOD, THEN YOU ARE ON A HUNGER STRIKE AGAINST YOUR OWN SELF.

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