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It was Economics writer, Ross Gitiri, who said that politicians worldwide make the mistake of thinking that money is what motivates people. So, during elections, they “bribe” people with things like greater family benefits for the parents of teenagers, incentives for aged pensioners to do paid work, bonus payments for teachers and a more lucrative parental leave scheme. The problem he says is that decades of rising living standards have done nothing to make men feel any happier. But the Holy Ghost wants you to note the following from today’s devotional: (1): Riches can come from God and no sorrow is added to it! But riches that come from man or ill-gotten wealth doesn’t last and is full of sorrow! No man in the Bible served God and lacked! He is a REWARDER of them who diligently seek Him. (2): Money in itself does not and cannot elevate you! READ Our Daily Manna 30 March 2020 – “THE UNIVERSITY OF SILENCE!” – CLICK HERE

ODM Daily Worldwide 31 March 2020
ODM Daily Worldwide 31 March 2020

ODM Daily Worldwide 31 March 2020

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It may MOTIVATE but can also DEMOTE you! Get all the money minus a solid spiritual base in this world and you may end up sorrowful or disenchanted. There are many people who had money but ended up in misery! Popular and rich athlete, Tony Lazzoin, became so disenchanted with life that he gave it up through suicide. Thirty-five year-old Jonathan Wraith – a young British millionaire by virtue of selling both his and his father’s portable cabin business for £30 million (S46 milion) was by all accounts a happy and well-adjusted young man. However, in 2009, he picked up his shotgun and shot himself, leaving no suicide note. Eli M. Black, whose death was immortalized on screen in the comedy, “THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, was a Jewish-American businessman and milionaire controller of the United Brands Company. But due to some of life ‘s battles, he quietly climbed the 44th floor of his office building and jumped out onto the crowded Park Avenue in New York!

Paul Castle – a “successful businessman and property tycoon who had met the Queen of England and played polo with Prince Charles, killed himself in 2010. The 54 year-old JUMPED IN FRONT OF A LONDON UNDERGROUND TRAIN. He died on the spot! Oh, the sweetness and burden of money! In this year 2020, don’t be the victim of MONEY! Give God first place and all other things including your elevation party will fall into place. Your God is He that raises men from the dunghill (waste bin) to the dining room of princes – ELEVATION PARTY (today’s scriptureVs. 7-8)! Ah! Did Mephibosheth, a lame man, not sit with king David in the palace (2 Samuel 9:1-8)? Was the coast of Jabez not enlarged and elevated from sorrow to Singing (1 Chron. 4:10)? ODM Daily Worldwide 31 March 2020 – THEY COMMITTED SUICIDE! WHY MONEY DOES NOT ELEVATE!

Cut down on social ceremonies this year! SPEND MORE TIME BUILDING YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE because after ALL YOUR HARD WORK, EFFORT and CONNECTIONS, the Elevator and Coast Enlarger of men is “JEHOVAH ELEVATION.” Pursue Him this year! Spend more time in prayers, private Bible studies, holiness and spiritual enhancement programmes! This is your year! Amen and amen! ODM Daily Worldwide 31 March 2020

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: When the morning comes. – CLICK HERE
1. In your own words, pray generally about today’s word as led now.
2 Decree that you will not pursue money to the detriment of your soul this year. ODM Daily Worldwide 31 March 2020 – THEY COMMITTED SUICIDE! WHY MONEY DOES NOT ELEVATE!
Ask for the grace to pursue God through spending more time in His presence daily. ALL WAR AGAINST HAMAN -15 PRAYERS CATEGORY 2020
4. Any gang-up against my destiny the in next quarter of this year, scatter, scatter and scatter now by fire.

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