ODM International Devotional 1st May 2020 – HOLD ON: PATIENCE TRIGGERS THE PROMISE!

ODM International Devotional 1st May 2020



The great Napoleon Hill of France, one of the most successful war generals that ever lived, once declared to his conquering troops: “Impossible is a word found only in the dictionaries of fools. Reject it”! No wonder his exploits were nearly limitless! In this year 2020, it does not matter how many of your prayer points of the 21-day January fasting programme has been answered or not, don’t lose faith because Jehovah the Elevator will surely visit you and turn your expectations to elevations in Jesus name. Yes, don’t lower your expectations! There is a sound of the abundance of laughter coming into your house, your marriage, your ministry and career this year. How do I know? Read top OMD Daily &  Everyday TOPICS/UPDATES – CLICK HERE

ODM International Devotional 1st May 2020
ODM International Devotional 1st May 2020

ODM International Devotional 1st May 2020

Luke 1:37 says: “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” That means when God is at the centre of any battle, that battle cannot swallow you up, no matter how fierce it looks. Remember that most great inventions/breakthroughs in the world today, were considered impossible by men or were vehemently resisted at the time. Beware of those who stand aloof and greet each venture with reproof. The world would stop if things were run by men who say, It can’t be done. No wonder Oswald Sanders said: “Eyes that look are common. Those that see are rare. In fact, in 1899, a U.S engineer was said to have declared that, “Everything that can be invented has already been invented.” The Telephone was later invented the following year! TOP PRAYER BULLETS 2020 – “THEY WILL MENTION MY NAME IN THE PALACE THIS YEAR!

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Then a government official wrote the following about the THEN telephone discovery: “The telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. But today with the advent of Modern phone technology, that memo has been proved wrong. Oh! Good things take time! Good breakthroughs take time! Good, great and better elevation stories also take time because they are first of all baked in the womb of the spirit! That is why you must not quit trusting Jehovah God! Oh! Ask those who built the great Pyramid of Egypt and they will secretly inform you that it was by patience that the quarry became a pyramid. It was by patience that the great Coliseum of Rome was built! Hebrews 10:36 says: For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.”

ODM International Devotional 1st May 2020 – HOLD ON: PATIENCE TRIGGERS THE PROMISE!

And what the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional is that IT IS PATIENCE THAT TRIGGERS THE PROMISE! God always shows up for the patient in spirit and He will show up for you in this year 2020. Yes, something good is about to happen! Your ELEVATION HOUR is near! Hold on and hold out 52 PROPHETIC MANTLES-IN-ACTION ONE MANTLE PER SUNDAY! 52 WEEKS A YEAR! The Lord gave me a command to release 52 Mantles this year (every week) To be prayed with on the ALTAR of the MANNA MOUNTAIN LAGOS. Testimonies are rolling in! Don’t miss any! SEE YOU ANY SUNDAY, 8am! This is your year!


PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: When the roll is called… – CLICK HERE
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. LORD, with YOU I believe that nothing shall be impossible unto me this year in Jesus name. Pray about this new month. ODM International Devotional 1st May 2020 – HOLD ON: PATIENCE TRIGGERS THE PROMISE!
3. Father, I will wait on You daily this year in Jesus. Anxiety/worry; loose me and go!

ODM International Devotional 1st May 2020 – HOLD ON: PATIENCE TRIGGERS THE PROMISE! Pray the PRAYERS TO BEGIN EACH MONTH OF 2020!

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