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Our Daily Manna 13 August 2022 START SMALL! THE VIRGIN BRAND!

Our Daily Manna 13 August 2022


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YESTERDAY – ODM by Bishop Dr Chris 12 August 2022

FULL MESSAGE: Our Daily Manna 13 August 2022

What I am starting to notice more and more, is that great things almost always start small. Most of us know that Richard Branson started the Virgin brand with a student magazine, but Virgin is just one of many examples which show that the reality is counterintuitive: actually, the best things we know and love started as tiny things. I’ve found that if I look into my own life, I find similarly that some of the most important achievements I’ve made started as little thoughts from the LORD! This ODM booklet started as a 2-page pamphlet which was given to the public for free, then for just 5 NAIRA! Oh! Wow! Incredible God! That was over 25 years ago! But today, this booklet has gone to NATIONS I have not reached physically! IT IS NOW BIGGER THAN ME! Determine that you will not HURRY into SORRY! Stop planning to start BIG! Start where you are with what you have and God is able to take you to where you should be! You were born small until you grew into an adult. Each time you HURRY and try to cut the process, all you produce is ISHMAEL! Any progress outside your God-given TIME will lead to “HAD-I KNOWN” later! See today’s scripture Vs. 10 – “For who hath despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel…” As you close, always remember this BOOKLET and never DESPISE THE DAYS OF SMALL BEGINNINGS! Your BEST days are ahead in Jesus name! Hold on and hold out! Pray now!

Important Pages for ODM JULY 2022

TODAY IS UK/EUROPE SPECIAL PROPHETIC SERVICE: Connect via FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaworldwide & YouTube: Manna TV International. Anyone from any part of the world can also connect. Get your oil and prayer points ready.

Our Daily Manna 13 August 2022

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led now. ==> Our Daily Manna ODM Hymns July – September 2022

  1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
  2. LORD, rain on me the anointing of ZERUBBABEL! Turn my
    small to big and turn my LITTLE to OVERFLOW in Jesus
  3. Lord, look with FAVOUR UPON my life, family and ministry
    in Jesus name.
  4. Lord, use my life to show the world that You are the God
    that does not need BIG THINGS TO DO THE EXTRA
  5. Pray about any project in your hands now! It can grow
    bigger! Your best is yet to come! Prophesy GREATER
    GREATNESS to it in Jesus name.
  6. Pray about today as led now.

TOMORROW – Daily Manna Devotional 14 August 2022 DON’T RUN TO ELI – 1
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