ODM December 2019 Day 19 – DISAPPOINT HEROD NOW!

ODM December 2019 Day 19



Last verse of today’s scripture, Peter said to himself, ‘Now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent His angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.” The same God who delivered Peter out of the wicked hand of Herod, and the evil satanic expectation of the people of the Jews is with you and He is well able to deliver you from every wicked hand and demonic expectation as 2019 ends!

ODM December 2019 Day 19
ODM December 2019 Day 19

ODM December 2019 Day 19

Notice those two “CHAINS” I underlined above: 1. Chain one: The hand of Herod. 2. Chain two: The expectation of the people of the Jews. In other words, Peter and the early church had two sets of enemies: HEROD and THE PEOPLE! If the people had not supported Herod, he might not have attacked the church and arrested Peter. But because Herod had the backing of the people, he was bold.

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Maybe you have assumed that certain people will support you and watch your back, but now, you see clearly that they have become enemies of your progress! DONT LOSE HEART! You in-the-making! No matter who is TURE are not a victim! You are a victor-against you, no matter how strong they are or how many they are, YOU CANNOT BE A VICTIM because all that gather against you SHALL FALL FOR YOUR SAKE (Isaiah 54:15)! Yes! No evil STRONG CONSPIRACY (EVIL CHAIN) against you will stand! Both the KING and THE PEOPLE shall be disappointed!

How did God deliver Peter? It was because of the prayers of the church! See Verse 5! Oh halleluyah! The church’ refused to allow their ALTARS TO BE BROKEN by depression and discouragement! They rose up in PRAYER without ceasing! As 2019 ends, repair your BROKEN ALTAR again! Declare 3 days fasting for PERSONAL REVIVAL! The 2020 January 21-day fasting prayers!

The 2020 ODM and “War Against Haman – 15” booklets are out! Give them out as Christmas/New Year gift items. Get your copies from any bookshop now! Give to Family/ Friends this month! The “War Against Haman-15” booklet contains the 2020 January 21-day fasting prayers!

ODM December 2019 Day 19

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. I decree: As 2019 ends, every spirit of WEAK PRAYER FIRE working against me, loose your grip in Jesus name. I decree: Every HEROD planning my downfall, be crowned with DISGRACE in Jesus name (Pray it aggressively). I decree: Every GROUP or OCCULTIC conspiracy against my star. S-C-A-T-T-E-R! SCATTER and fight yourselves in Jesus name (Pray it aggressively).
3. Pray about today and the last days of 2019. ODM December 2019 Day 19 – DISAPPOINT HEROD NOW!

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  1. Oh FIRE OF DIVINE RESTORATION, Oh RAIN of DIVINE RESTORATION, fall on my life/ministry-(Pray it for 7 days).
  2. I decree: Every demonic robber, loose my blessings NOW!

ODM December 2019 Day 19 – DISAPPOINT HEROD NOW!

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