ODM Devotional December 2019 Day 6 – THE RESTORATION FIRE!

ODM Devotional December 2019 Day 6



Years ago, Robin M. Bertram wrote: “The fires of refinement come with a cost, but also with a promise. His grace has been extended forth to you for restoration, confirmation, strengthening, and being established in Him.” Yes! That is the reason Jesus came – RESTORATION! He came to give back and TAKE BACK for you ALL that was lost by ADAM.


Have you ever lost something precious? Maybe it was stolen from you or you just misplaced it and you couldn’t find it? Or have you ever had a close family member or friend die suddenly or unexpectedly against your prayers and desires? These are examples of the PAIN of LOSS! But for every LOSS, there can be RESTORATION! Note this: God Is A GIVER, NOT A TAKER OR ROBBER. WHEN GOD GIVES, HE GIVES. HE DOESN’T GIVE SO THAT HE CAN HURT. ODM Devotional December 2019 Day 6 – THE RESTORATION FIRE!

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HE IS THE ONE WHO GIVES US RICHLY ALL THINGS FOR YOUR Joy (second scripture). When the enemy took from prophet Job, he thought his world had come to an end! No matter how this year has been, always remember the words of Dr. Cindy Trimm: “Potential is never realized until you are challenged in your current state of complacency. The opposition is bringing out the best in you.” Did you get that? Some of the attacks you have seen this year were allowed to BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU!

Did Job not get a DOUBLE PORTION RESTORATION? Job 42.10 (AMPLIFIED BIBLE) – “And the Lord turned the captivity of Job and restored his fortunes, when he prayed for his friends, also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.” THE LORD RESTORED HIS FORTUNES! That will be your story! Hear Victoria Osteen: “If you missed God’s direction in your life, He allows U- turns. He is a Restorer, and He can make up for lost opportunities!” So as 2019 ends, hold on to Him and look to Him because I hear the sound of and I can see the FIRE of RESTORATION coming to your address! Amen!

SATANIC MAGICIANS, VOMIT MY GLORY! DELAYED BUT NOT DENIED! 2-DAY END-OF-YEAR ANOINTING SERVICE! Prepare to attend the Lagos, Ogudu 2-day anointing services: Saturday 14 & Sunday 15th December! Theme: “OH YOU SATANIC MAGICIANS; VOMIT MY GLORY.”Time 8.00 am. Come with 3 end-of-year prayer points.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: It is well with my soul…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Father God, thank you because You are the giver of all good gifts. I decree that in the remaining days of the year 2019, there shall be a RESTORATION of all that I have lost this year! ODM Devotional December 2019 Day 6 – THE RESTORATION FIRE!

  1. Oh FIRE OF DIVINE RESTORATION, Oh RAIN of DIVINE RESTORATION, fall on my life/ministry- (Pray it for 7 days).
  2. I decree: Every demonic robber, loose my blessings NOW!
  3. Pray seriously about today! Worship your God now for the rain of restoration. The 2020 ODM is out! In the storms of life, God uses ODM as LIFE’S PARACHUTE. Give out copies of the 2020 ODM to a soul/family!

ODM Devotional December 2019 Day 6 – THE RESTORATION FIRE!

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